Poems For Memorial Services


Prayer Cards

​with me.​yet as you ​Hail Mary, full of grace,​swung a club.​, ​

​for thou art ​them to us;​Hail Mary​times I have ​Information from websites: ​no evil;​who first gave ​me. Amen.​For all the ​Keith W. Boakes, Mgr., N.J. LIC. #4035​

​of death, I will fear ​back to you, O Lord,​mercy, hear and answer ​Golfer's Prayer​Fax: 609-625-9141​of the shadow ​We give them ​but in Thy ​side.​

​Mays Landing, NJ 08330​through the valley​Back​petitions,​and please, Lord, through it all, be at my ​

​6050 Main Street​Yea, though I walk ​We Give Them ​the Word incarnate,despise not my ​me;​Boakes Funeral Home, Inc.​for His name's sake.​and ever.​

​Oh Mother of ​

​those who need ​sanctity.​of righteousness​Spirit for ever ​stand, sinful and sorrowful.​

​and compassion for ​surrounded your presence, the perfume of ​in the paths ​Son, and the Holy ​

​come, before Thee I ​me;​smelling flowers that ​

​he leadeth me ​with Jesus your ​To Thee I ​

​those who entrust ​halo of sweet ​soul;​

​and joy​Virgins. My Mother!​concern for all ​and the invisible ​

​He restoreth my ​or pain, but only peace ​O Virgin of ​Give me, Lord, concern:​pain, but your smile ​

​beside still waters.​

​no more sorrow, no more weeping ​Thee,​it safe.​you shed in ​

​he leadeth me ​there will be ​confidence, I fly unto ​

​community to keep ​remember the blood ​in green pastures;​

​into paradise where ​Inspired with this ​dedication to my ​

​hands, feet and side, we not only ​to lie down ​Welcome him now ​

​unaided.​it well;​that pierced your ​He maketh me ​


​intercession was left ​job to do ​recall the wounds ​want.​and peace for ​

​or sought Thy ​dedication: dedication to my ​of salvation. As we lovingly ​my shepherd; I shall not ​all its cares, give him happiness ​

​Thy protection, implored Thy help,​I ask for ​only true sign ​The Lord is ​

​is freed from​who fled to ​to lead others.​

​it is the ​Psalm 23​life: now that he ​anyone​

​strength of spirit ​midst, for we acknowledge ​be also.​greatly in this ​it known that ​

​to protect others;​

​back in our ​am you may ​You loved him ​

​that never was ​strength; strength of body ​to bring it ​myself, that where I ​

​your mercy.​gracious Virgin Mary,​I ask for ​by other symbols, please help us ​

​take you to ​our brother to ​Remember O most ​will not go.​

​has been replaced ​again and will ​Father we entrust ​Memorare​

​me where others ​cricified Jesus. Because the Cross ​I will come ​Loved Him​


​courage to take ​to glorify the ​you,​and ever.​hollow of His ​

​own fears;​in our time ​a place for ​

​Spirit for ever ​you in the ​and conquer my ​for 50 years, you were chosen ​go and prepare ​Jesus your Son, and the Holy ​meet again, may God keep ​courage: courage to face​Cross, which you bore ​place for you? And when I ​and joy with ​And until we ​Lord, I ask for ​wounds of the ​and prepare a ​or pain, but only peace ​fields,​Policeman's Prayer​you forgive. Through your visible ​that I go ​

​no more sorrow, no more weeping ​

​soft upon your ​fire or accident.​be healed, and forgives those ​told you​

​there will be ​And rains fall ​involved in a ​you ask to ​

​not so, would I have ​into paradise where ​your face,​to aid when ​

​Lord, He heals those ​many rooms; if it were ​Welcome her now ​shine warm upon ​

​I am pledge ​friendship with the ​In my Father’s house are ​ever.​May the sun ​

​others whom​body and mind. Because of your ​me.​

​and peace for ​your back,​neighbors and all ​blessings, and peace for ​

​hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in ​give her happiness ​be always at ​to protect my ​

​cures and healings, earthly and spiritual ​

​Let not your ​all its cares,​May the wind ​

​courage, the alertness​venerate you. They ask for ​John 14:1-3​

​is freed from ​rise with you,​Give me the ​who love and ​

​evermore.​now that she ​May the road ​young and old.​

​everyday by those ​and even for ​life:​Irish Blessing​

​of all people ​offered to you ​time forth,​greatly in this ​

​and life everlasting. Amen.​and property​thousands of prayers ​in from this ​You loved her ​

​the body,​save the lives ​

​prayer to the ​

​and thy coming ​your mercy.​

​the resurrection of ​I work to ​to add my ​

​out​our sister to ​sins,​

​while​Beloved Padre Pio, Saint of Pietrelcina, today I come ​preserve thy going ​

​Father we entrust ​Saints,the forgiveness of ​

​Your loving care ​

​St. Pio of Pietrelcina​The Lord shall ​

​Loved Her​the communion of ​Help me with ​desire.​

​thy soul.​Amen​

​Church,​performing our duty.​

​which I ardently ​

​He shall preserve ​in the next.​

​the Holy Spirit,the Holy Catholic ​from harm while ​the grace of ​

​all evil;​with you forever ​I believe in ​

​may be protected​

​to grant me, through his intercession,​

​preserve thee from ​and supremely happy​the dead.​

​so that we ​I beseech Thee ​The Lord shall ​

​in this life ​the living and ​Firefighters​

​souls. With confidence,​by night.​happy​

​judge​to Firemen and ​

​the good of ​nor the moon ​may be reasonably ​shall come to ​

​Give special guidance ​Father and for ​by day,​

​So that I ​From thence He ​all men:​

​of Your heavenly ​not smite thee ​to Your will.​

​the Father Almighty.​of light to ​the glory​

​The sun shall ​if I surrender ​of God,​

​are a beacon ​so faithfully for ​thy hand.​

​all things right ​the right hand ​Your strength, power, and wisdom​

​so much andlaboured ​thy shade upon ​You will make ​

​and sits at ​Mankind,​who loved Thee ​the Lord is ​

​would have it, and trusting that​heaven,​

​Almighty God, Protector of all ​in Your sufferings,​thy keeper:​

​not as I ​He ascended into ​

​Fireman's Prayer​Pietrelcina, who generously participated ​The Lord is ​as it is,​

​from the dead.​and my wife.​God, Padre Pio of ​nor sleep.​

​Taking, as Jesus did, this sinful world ​He rose again ​hand my children ​

​on earth, the servant of ​will not slumber ​pathway to peace.​hell;the third day​

​with your protecting ​in heaven and ​thee​

​hardship as a ​He descended into ​lose my life; please bless​Thee to glorify ​

​he that keepeth ​time, and accepting​was crucified, died, and was buried.​

​fate, I am to ​on the cross, I humbly entreat ​to be moved:​moment at a ​

​Pilate,​And if, according to my ​willed to die​

​suffer thy foot ​at a time, enjoying one​Virgin Mary,suffered under Pontius ​protect his property.​us that You ​

​He will not ​

​Living one day ​born of the ​every neighbor and ​Your love of ​

​and earth.​the difference.​Spirit,​to guard my ​

​victim for sinners, so impelled by​which made heaven ​to know​by the Holy ​

​me;​and charity,​from the Lord,​and the wisdom ​

​Who was conceived ​the best in ​Oh Jesus, full of grace ​My help cometh ​

​can,​Christ, His only Son, our Lord,​and to give ​Padre Pio​

​my help.​the things I ​

​and in Jesus ​fill my calling ​of Joseph, intercede for us.​

​from whence cometh ​courage to change ​and earth;​

​I want to ​Jesus Christ, of Mary and ​the hills​

​cannot change,​Creator of heaven ​that fate.​

​of our Lord ​mine eyes unto ​the things I ​

​Almighty,​the horror of ​St. Jude, Apostle, martyr and relative ​I will lift ​

​accept​God the Father ​older person from ​

​St. Jude​Psalm 121​the serenity to ​

​I believe in ​

​ or save an ​

​to eternal life.​Matthew 5:3-10​

​ God grant me ​The Apostles' Creed​too late;​

​we are born ​Heaven.​Prayer​

​Lord forever.​before it is ​

​in dying that ​the Kingdom of ​The Complete Serenity ​

​port of my ​a little child ​we are pardoned, and it is ​

Poems For Memorial Services

​for theirs is ​difference.​

​rest in the ​Help me embrace ​in pardoning that ​

​of righteousness,​

​to know the ​and I will ​

​life, whatever be it's age.​we receive, and it is ​

​for the sake ​and the wisdom ​

​of my voyaging,​to save some ​in giving that ​

​who are persecuted,​I can,​all the days ​give me strength ​

​as to love; for it is ​Blessed are those ​

​change the things ​me​rage;​

​as to understand; to be loved ​of God.​

​the courage to ​starlight shall favor ​

​called to duty, God, whenever flames may ​to console; to be understood ​

​be called children ​cannot change,​Surely sunlight and ​

​When I am ​be consoled as ​For they will ​

​the things I ​

​rideth calmly,​Firefighter’s Prayer​much seek to ​


​and my ship ​all eternity​

​may not so ​Blessed are the ​the serenity to ​

​waves with oil,​Together in God's Heaven for ​

​O Divine Master; grant that I ​see God.​

​God grant me ​Thou anointest the ​

​the day we'll be​sadness, joy.​

​clean of heart, For they will ​The Serenity Prayer​

​of eternity;​precious memories until ​

​Where there is ​Blessed are the ​

​Amen.​in the homeland ​

​And think on ​darkness, light.​

​be shown mercy.​male.​

​harbour before me​you​

​Where there is ​merciful, for they will ​

​Ma liberaci dal ​Thou preparest a ​this earth for ​

​despair, hope.​Blessed are the ​

​indurre in tentazione​Thy care, they shelter me.​blessings waiting on ​

​Where there is ​be satisfied.​

​E non ci ​Thy love and ​God has many ​doubt, faith.​

​for they will ​debitori.​with me;​you to do​

​Where there is ​thirst for righteousness,​rimettiamo ai nostri ​

​no danger, For Thou art ​there's much for ​injury, pardon.​who hunger and ​

​Come noi li ​I shall dread ​beyond today for ​Where there is ​Blessed are they ​

​i nostri debiti​life,​

​Try to look ​love.​

​inherit the land.​Rimetti a noi ​and tempests of ​

​now share​hatred, let me sow ​

​meek, for they will ​nostro pane quotidiano​

​amid the thunders ​Heaven's beauty I ​

​Where there is ​Blessed are the ​

​Dacci oggi il ​Yea, though I sail ​now with Jesus ​

​Thy peace.​be comforted.​così in terra.​His Name's sake.​

​For I am ​an instrument of ​

​that mourn, for they will ​come in cielo ​

​of holiness for ​despair​Lord make me ​

​Blessed are they ​tua volontà​by the star ​

​grieve with great ​Prayer of St. Francis Assisi​heaven.​

​sia fatta la ​

​me​I am gone, but please don't weep or ​Lord.​

​the kingdom of ​regno​

​Log and guideth ​Precious Memories​Through Christ our ​

​For theirs is ​venga il tuo ​He keepeth my ​

​see you come!​

​promise, come to thee.​poor in spirit,​tuo nome​

​channels.​Oh, the joy to ​intercession. I, a poor sinner, encouraged by this ​

​Blessed are the ​sia santificato il ​in the deep ​

​that meeting,​power of the ​The Beatitudes​

​sei nei cieli​and steereth me ​Oh, the rapture of ​

​in vokes thee, will feel the ​forever and ever.​Padre nostro che ​

​waters​call you home;​

​Tuesdays, and there piously ​


​The Lord's Prayer (Italian)​across the dark ​He will gently ​

​for nine consecutive ​your son, and the Holy ​Amen​

​He leadeth me ​is all complete,​soever visits it ​

​Jesus,​apo tou ponirou​drift.​

​When that work ​promise that who ​and joy with ​

​reesĕ imas​my Pilot; I shall not ​in Jesus' land.​altar with the ​

​but only peace ​apo pirasmon ala ​The Lord is ​--you shall rest ​

​come to Thy ​or pain,​imas​

​My Pilot​Do it now, while life remaineth​seek aid to ​

​no more weeping ​ke mis enengisi ​The Lord is ​

​not idly stand;​all those who ​

​sorrow,​tis ofeletes imon​

​Psalm 23: Mariner's Version​so you must ​revelation has directed ​

​be no more ​afihiomen​keep.​

​you,​distressed, who by miraculous ​where there will ​

​os ke emeis ​Good enough to ​still waiting for ​the afflicted and ​

​into paradise​ta ophelimata imon​that I am ​

​There is work ​O glorious St. Anthony, safe refuge of ​Welcome her now ​ke afese imin ​

​me and judge ​our Father's will.​St. Anthony​and peace forever.​

​Thos imin simeron​You'll smile at ​pray to trust ​Senor por largo, largo tiempo.​

​give her happiness ​ton epiousion​Peacefully asleep,​

​beyond earth's shadows,​la casa del​

​all its cares,​ton arton imon ​

​as I lay ​Try to look ​

​mi mansion sera ​is freed from ​


​your Landing net ​

​you dearly still;​vida,​now that she ​

​ke epi tis ​When nestled in ​

​for I love ​mientras dura mi ​life;​

​os en ourano ​Humbly pray,​sorely,​

​y tu favor ​greatly in this ​sou​

​made, I then most ​not grieve so ​bondad​You loved her ​

​yenithito to thelima ​final cast is ​Then you must ​

​Me acompana tu ​mercy.​sou​But when my ​


​sister to your ​eltheto ē vasilia ​another shining day,​

​one doubt or ​y rellenas mi ​Father, we entrust our ​

​sou​to fish for ​could I have ​

​perfumas mi cabeza​Loved Daughter​ayiasthito to onoma ​

​I may live ​on,​con aceite tu ​

​Lord, Amen.​en tis ouranis​

​God grant that ​And with Jesus' arm to lean ​

​a mis adversarios,​Through Christ our ​Pater Imon O ​

​Fisherman's Prayer​to tread;​la mesa frente​

​and our departed.​The Lord's Prayer (Greek)​hand.​

​way so hard ​Me sirves a ​you​


​palm of His ​me in that ​protegen.​

​are united with ​and the power, and the glory, forever.​you in the ​

​himself to meet ​tu vara me ​in glory and ​the kingdom,​

​May God hold ​And he came ​tu baston y ​

​we greet Christ​

​For thine is ​meet again​glade.​conmigo,​

​of faith until ​from evil,​And until we ​

​dark and fearful ​porque tu estas ​by the words ​but deliver us ​

​your decks.​Oh! But Jesus' love illumined every ​temo ningun mal,​be comforted​

​not into temptation,​fall soft upon ​shade?​muy oscuras no ​

​In our turn, may we too ​And lead us ​And the rains ​valley of the ​

​quebradas​for your servant.​against us.​your face,​

​calmly trod the ​Aunque pase por ​may be opened ​those who trespass ​

​shine warm upon ​why I so ​nombre.​

​of Paradise​as we forgive ​May the sun ​

​Did you wonder ​amor de su ​that the Gates ​

​our trespasses,​sails​heaven at last.​

​me dirige por ​accept our prayer ​

​And forgive us ​always fill your ​at peace forever, safely home in ​

​del bueno​mercy,​bread.​

​May the wind ​I am now ​Fortalece mi alma, por el camino ​

​O Father, in your great ​day our daily ​you.​

​passed;​conduce.​departed's earthly life.​

​Give us this ​rise to meet ​over; every restless tossing ​

Poems For Memorial Services

​agua fresca me ​during our​heaven.​

​May the tide ​and grief is ​

​y adonde brota ​you have given ​it is in ​Irish Blessing (Nautical)​

​All the pain ​reposar​

​good things​on earth as ​As we go, this we know, God is nigh. Amen.​

​light.​el me hace ​for all the ​

​done​'Neath the sun, 'neath the stars, 'Neath the sky.​In this everlasting ​

​en verdes pastos ​We thank you ​

​Thy kingdom come, Thy will be ​Thanks and praise, for our days,​joy and beauty ​

​mi pastor; nada me falta;​died in Christ.​

​name.​is nigh.​

​There is perfect ​El Senor es ​all who have ​

​Hallowed be thy ​All is well, safely rest God ​and so bright!​

​Psalm 23 (Spanish)​Last Day with ​heaven,​

​From the lake, from the hill, From the sky.​

​Heaven, dear ones; Oh so happy ​anni.​

​on the​Our Father, who art in ​

​Day is done, gone the sun,​I am in ​Signore per lunghissimi ​will rise again ​

​The Lord's Prayer​Taps​Safely Home​mia vita, e abiterò nella casa del ​

​that our departed ​Amen​is so proud.​

​the same;​i giorni della ​hope​

​nuestra muerte.​

​of whom he ​is broken, and nothing seems ​saranno compagne tutti ​

​with the sure ​

​la hora de ​out for us ​

​our family chain ​trabocca. Felicità e grazia mi ​

​We are filled ​ahora y en ​He's still looking ​

​at our side.​il mio capo. Il mio calice ​

​hands.​ruega por nosotros, pecadores,​and heavenly cloud,​

​cannot see you, you are always ​nemici; cospargi di olio ​departed into your ​

​Santa María, Madre de Dios,​through a light ​

​And though we ​occhi dei miei ​

​we commend our ​de tu vientre, Jesús.​

​with his Master​still our guide.​

​mensa sotto gli ​Most merciful Father,​el fruto​

​Now gazing down ​peaceful memories, your love is ​

​tu prepari una ​Resurrection Prayer​

​y bendito es ​all mankind.​

​You left us ​

​sicurezza. Davanti a me ​


​and most of ​called you home.​vincastro mi danno ​we loved for ​

​entre todas las ​love of country ​you,the day GOD ​

​e il tuo ​and with those ​

​Bendita tú eres​He stood for ​

​us went with ​me. Il tuo bastone ​

​be with you​el Señor es contigo.​

​in his mind.​for part of ​

​male, perché tu sei con ​that we may ​gracia,​

​his brother ever ​go alone;​

​oscura, non temerei alcun ​place,​llena eres de ​

​Always thinking of ​you, you do not ​

​in una valle ​for that happy ​

​Dios te salve, María,​his part.​

​hearts to lose ​suo nome. Se dovessi camminare ​prepare us also ​

​Hail Mary (Spanish)​and bravely did ​

​It broke our ​il giusto cammino, per amore del ​

​for us,​Amen.​to his nation ​

​do the same.​mi conduce. Mi rinfranca, mi guida per ​

​prepare a place ​della nostra morte.​He was loyal ​

​loved you dearly, in death we ​ad acque tranquille ​

​And while you ​Adesso e nell’ora​heart.​

​In life we ​mi fa riposare ​. . .​

​peccatori​always in his ​your name.​su pascoli erbosi ​

​see more clearly ​Prega per noi ​

​Stripes, they flew forever ​going to call ​

​nulla;​that we may ​

​Santa Maria, Madre di Dio,​The Stars and ​

​that GOD was ​

​Salmo. Di Davide. non manco di ​

​God,​Del tuo seno, Gesú.​

​Stars and Stripes​

​that morning​Psalm 23 (Italian)​

​Lift us up, strong Son of ​E benedetto è il frutto​

​love best.​

​We little knew ​the Lord forever.​of our sight.​fra le donne​

​the game I ​The Broken Chain​

​the house of ​

​save the limit ​Tu sei benedetta ​

​a round of ​

​be.​dwell in​

​is nothing​

​Il Signore è con te.​To play you ​is yet to ​

​and I will ​and a horizon ​

​Piena di grazia,​are having fun.​

​where the best ​of my life;​

​a horizon,​Ave Maria,​shared when you ​

​again in Heaven,​all the days ​life is but ​Hail Mary (Italian)​

​times that are ​Until we meet ​me​

​of this mortal ​Amen.​But by the ​me​

​mercy shall follow ​Love is unending, and the boundary​death.​

​holes in one,​you gave to ​Surely goodness and ​to you.​

​hour of our ​not measured by ​of the love ​

​over.​if we belong ​and at the ​For success in ​

​will carry memories​

​my cup runneth ​also,​sinners now,​

​thought tough.​Now my heart ​head with oil;​yours is ours ​

​pray for us ​of making shots ​letting go​thou anointest my ​

​For what is ​Holy Mary, Mother of God,​For the excitement ​the gift of ​

​of mine enemies;​

​. . .​thy womb, Jesus.​rough.​

​to you life's greatest gift,​in the presence ​by their return ​

​the fruit of ​in sand or ​

​So I gave ​table before me​

​not lose them ​and blessed is ​I have found ​

​so​Thou preparest a ​

​so we do ​among women​

​For the patience ​He loved you ​

​comfort me.​giving,​

​blessed art thou ​game I love.​

​and I knew ​thy staff they ​

​them in the ​with thee:​

​friends and the ​the answer,​

​Thy rod and ​did not lose ​the Lord is ​

​For the many ​just yesterday​

​But Jesus knew ​you to stay​

​It was time ​were looking homeward​Oh, how I wished ​

​I thought about ​For they knew ​

​scene some day.​in God and ​

​dearly-loved one has ​When Curtain falls​

​you, But you didn't go alone​you hold a ​have died.​

​I needed you, A million times ​You were gone ​

​You Never Said ​fué solo;​y susurrus "La Paz Sea ​

​camino estaba cada​

​En el jardín de Dios ​sobre la tierra ​

​God's Garden (Spanish)​light shine clear,​to wipe our ​

​And I'm convinced that ​Performing little miracles, within our lives ​Whispering encouragement whenever ​

​I Believe in ​and we see ​warm and wise.​in her eyes.​

​lives worthwhile.​and sunshine in ​with you.​talk of me ​

​- E. Brenneman​touched...​away.​

​that we could ​where there are ​the sorrows and ​

​-- this earth is ​him as gone ​While you live, let your thoughts ​

​pleasant to recall. But not too ​

​now and again ​to allow your ​much.​

​When I am ​good deeds​at heart​A step on ​

​and each one ​go.​low.​Miss me a ​

​rites in a ​of the road​to find.​

​So when a ​difficult, still somehow we ​To make the ​old.​aged to His ​

​much to make ​For no heartache ​dwell with Him ​

​little angel, who lives within ​And you will ​forget you, My precious little ​I'll greet you ​love around you ​

​touch me,​away, for life goes ​

​we must part.​then let your ​But now it's time I ​

​happiness.​my love and ​me in tears;​

​I have so ​To those I ​

​do what she'd want: smile,​or you can ​

​tomorrow because of ​your back on ​

​or you can ​and see all ​You can close ​

​tears that she ​Your love in ​

​has come for ​

​mother.​one way or ​

​and in your ​strength, you gave us ​

​from you.​do remains forever.​

​parting.​A time for ​

​for everything under ​Treasured Seasons​

​amemory will always ​

​came to an ​Grandma's love will ​happy, because she loved ​

​Inside of Grandma's hug,I was safe ​very start.​you go.​But for now, I will hold ​

​To see you ​dreams that I ​smile to my ​always.​

​will never let ​I'm back again.​within your heart.​if I'm there,​

​So take good ​brightest star.​Although not very ​

​remember you.​your family true.​

​fill your vacant ​

​As time goes ​your work on ​you loved.​

​be gone.​fought, the times we ​and your memories ​

​upon a flower ​stand upon a ​listen.​peace,​

Poems For Memorial Services

​Remember Me 2​sorrow and dismay,​in a better ​cannot sever.​

​Eternal joy and ​by your side, But there’s no need ​when life is ​tears of those ​Of happy times ​

​life is done.​to be a ​day God took ​

​hearts to lose ​In our hearts ​you, You never would ​

​God has you ​your name​you yesterday and ​

​We thought of ​

​For I am ​turn will comfort ​

​useful ways,​

​Feed not your ​sake and in ​through the years,​

​Please do not ​Leave​with me​

​Don't lengthen it ​My life's been full, I savored much;​

​with times of ​with remembered joy.​

​close of the ​to love, to work, or play.​I turned my ​

​path God laid ​your weary eyelids, and whispered "Peace be thine."​road was getting ​

​He knew that ​the best.​

​and lifted you ​He looked down ​

​called you home.​you, but you did ​So he closed ​

​He saw the ​to rest.​earth and saw ​the garden and ​

​of footprints, it was then ​

​me?" The Lord replied, "My precious child, I love you ​set of footprints ​

​footprints; other times there ​Scenes from my ​

​One night I ​I will be ​that are told​

​you walk through ​sunny days in ​Remember Me​

​Do not stand ​swift uplifting rush.​

​sunlight on ripened ​thousand winds that ​at my grave ​hearts to prove ​

​make you stay.​With tearful eyes ​was not to ​

​have you sad ​

​battles, and won, ere the close ​Forget that I've stumbled and ​I have spoken; Remember some good ​

​Just forget if ​When I come ​from any of ​

​needs.​scenic landscapes.​

​wide variety of ​

​the back of ​photograph on the ​several pre-printed religious and ​

​like we did ​for I wanted ​His outstretched arms,​

​But your eyes ​hand​going through.​to you​

​on a fairer ​faith and confidence ​And know a ​

​took you home.​heart to lose ​In my heart ​

​you, You never would ​A million times ​goodbye.​le llamó a su casa.​

​usted no se ​Así que él cerró sus cansados párpados​él sabía que el ​y lo levantó a descansar.​

​Luego él miró hacia abajo​

​rainbow will appear...​I believe we'll see a ​angels sometimes come ​you do too,​

​us the way,​near,​Mother's face.​in her embrace,​

​her words are ​just by looking ​to make our ​

​a Mother's touch,​so...'twas Heaven here ​but laugh and ​loved so much.​

​of those he ​can really pass ​

​must be wishing​comfort​

​from​many facets​Don't think of ​shall leave you, too, in peace.​

​which it is ​

​Think of me ​

​or your children​

​sometimes, but not too ​Living​

​sorrows in doing ​

​lonely and sick ​

​Master's plan​


​Miss me - but let me ​your head bowed ​free.​

​I want no ​to the end ​loves children, angels are hard ​

​always be "Goodbye"​Believing this is ​takes but few​

​it can grow ​of calling the ​Who does so ​

​of His love.​little children to ​

​As a special ​shared, your smile​I will not ​alone,​

​you'll hear my ​

​Though you can't see or ​I won't be far ​a while that ​grieve you must;​

​shown.​gave me in ​I give you ​tie yourself to ​

​gone, release me; let me go.​Welcome Home​Or you can ​she is gone,​

​be happy for ​You can turn ​you can't see her,​open your eyes ​has lived.​

​You can shed ​

​sleep,​Now the time ​

​just as a ​us all in ​to find,​

​you gave us ​legacy we have ​For everything You ​

​remembering, a time for ​caring.​And a time ​

​forget.​In our hearts ​A beautiful lifethat ​

​my fears.​Grandma made me ​hide.​

​my heart, right from the ​And never let ​come true.​my wish, my only one,​

​part of my ​It brings a ​you with me ​

​us, but my heart ​need me, Close your eyes ​

​inside yourself deep ​If you're ever wondering ​

​up above.​and through the ​

​me from you,​We will always ​

​Your love for ​No one can ​

​sore.​before we knew,​hard for those ​

​me, I will never ​the times we ​

​you hearts, thoughts,​As you look ​So as you ​I cannot speak, but I can ​

​happy, I am at ​

​Rita S. Beer​of loneliness Bring ​For I am ​

​bond that parting ​would keep.​

​I’m no longer ​that I leave ​

​I'd like the ​the ways,​of smiles when ​

​memory of me ​with you the ​It broke our ​

​love you still.​

​could have saved ​never part.​

​you in silence, We often speak ​We thought about ​

​You Today​to die,​

​and I in ​waking hour in ​the same,​

​And for my ​

​sorrow to you ​--​When I Must ​

​heart and share ​brief;​

​of tomorrow.​Be not burdened ​then fill it ​

​peace at the ​stay another day, to laugh,​heard Him call;​

​I'm following the ​So He closed ​

​He saw the ​


​he only takes ​arms around you ​

​empty space.​you, the day God ​hearts to lose ​

​climb.​the best.​and lifted you ​

​down upon the ​God looked around ​only one set ​

​needed you most, would you leave ​see only one ​two sets of ​Lord.​Footprints​


​in the stories ​the fall as ​

​Remember me on ​die.​shine at night,​

​in the morning's hush, I am the ​I am the ​

​I am a ​Do not stand ​God broke our ​

​you dearly, We could not ​you, And whispered, "Come to Me."​were getting tired, And a cure ​

​going, I would not ​fought some hard ​

​of fun.​Forget unkind words ​mile,​

​When I'm Gone​prayers. You can choose ​accommodate all your ​

​various floral and ​from Lifelong Publisher, which include a ​you choose on ​

​your loved ones ​

​prayer cards. Our selection includes ​

​again​my selfish thoughts​

​Where Jesus held ​once again.​

​tightly to your ​that you were ​near your bed, so very close ​

​raise the curtain ​

​We must have ​curtain fall,​

​you, The day God ​It broke my ​love you still.​

​could have saved ​

​knew why.​

​I'm leaving, You never said ​

​el día que Dios ​

​al perderte pero ​

​alcanzar.​lleva lo mejor.​


​un lugar vacio.​

​I'm sure a ​

​darkest,​I still think ​

​angels, and I'm sure that ​

​danger and showing ​

​angels --that they're always hovering ​

​shining from a ​

​to be found ​


​everything she does​

​There's magic in ​

​I loved you ​me with tears...​

​--and he was ​in the hearts​

​our sadness​

​Think how he ​

​of warmth and ​

​him as resting ​life holds so ​His/Her Journey's Just Begun​

​peace as I ​

​at some moment ​

​the dead.​or your husband,​

​Think of me ​Poem for Thy ​

​And bury your ​When you are ​

​part of the ​we all must ​shared,​

​and not with ​a soul set ​me,​

​When I come ​must realize God ​

​mankind knows will ​view.​them, and so He ​

​a rosebud before ​Perhaps God tires ​

​small child​question the wisdom ​

​When God calls ​start​

​cherish memories; the love we ​

​Little Angel 1​

​come this way ​

​heart​need me, call & I will come.​

​heart.​It's only for ​

​for me if ​you each have ​

​how much you ​many years.​

​You must not ​When I am ​- David Haskins​

​it live on.​her only that ​

​or you can ​

​shared.​be empty because ​

​or you can ​smile because she ​


​peace, you've earned your ​your best,​

​a wife not ​You fought for ​

​would be hard ​

​to fight,​

​This is the ​

​its time​A time for ​

​sharing, a time for ​season,​

​loved, and will never ​she lived, everyone's friend.​

​A Beautiful Life​tears, and chased away ​

​appeared, then trouble disappeared.​safest place to ​

​Grandma always held ​you​

​wish will someday ​That part is ​

​It is a ​day.​a part of ​

​Distance may separate ​So anytime you ​

​Take a look ​all my love.​

​From the heavens ​

​through the sunshine​

​Time has taken ​of us.​love and labor,​

​Your loving smile, Your gentle face:​now, Our hearts are ​

​Your spirit flew ​You toiled so ​always think of ​

​cried,​Remember me in ​beautiful sea, Remember me.​

​be heard.​left.​

Poems For Memorial Services

​To the angry, I was cheated, but to the ​Away​And if times ​

​faith be strong,​Strengthening our special ​

​recollections, I’m hoping you ​Away​Of happy memories ​

​sunny days.​whispering softly down ​

​leave an afterglow ​

​I'd like the ​of us went ​

​can ever fill​loved you dearly, In death we ​

​If love alone ​whom we will ​

​We think of ​nothing new.​

​We Thought of ​And never, never be afraid ​

​and in cheer​But fill each ​do all things ​gallant smile:​

​and hug your ​a little while ​free.​

​Lift up your ​seemed all too ​

​you the sunshine ​too will miss.​

​left a void,​

​I've found that ​

​I could not ​hand when I ​me, for now I'm free;​

​climb,​earth again.​you were in ​

​be beautiful for ​He put his ​the garden, and saw an ​

​us went with ​It broke our ​were hard to ​

​he only takes ​arms around you ​He then looked ​God's Garden 1​you have seen ​always. Why, when I have ​life I could ​in the sand. Sometimes there were ​beach with the ​

​your heart​

​day, right from the ​in the wintertime ​Remember me in ​

​in the spring​there, I did not ​soft stars that ​When you awaken ​

​snow.​sleep,​Do Not Stand​

​at rest.​Although we loved ​his arms around ​God saw you ​grieve for my ​Remember I have ​

​ever had heartache, and remember I've had loads ​the smile.​my last weary ​poem or prayer.​

​of poems and ​printed on site, so we can ​

​services, as well as ​offer prayer cards ​

​or prayer that ​be to put ​

​wide selection of ​walk and talk ​I struggled with ​beyond the sky​

​strong and happy ​as I held ​suffering​The angels gathered ​

​For He will ​call,​tears of sorrow, we see a ​

​me went with ​could ever fill.​

​loved you dearly, In death I ​

​If love alone ​it, and only God ​You never said ​

​nosotros se fué con usted​Rompió nuestros corazones​

​eran dificil de ​precioso porque él solo se ​

​El pusó sus brazos hacia ​Dios miró al jardín y vio ​

​storm is gone,​When night seems ​over you.​

​Yes, I believe in ​Protecting us from ​I believe in ​

​heaven​kindness and compassion​a source of ​

​both hope and ​There's love in ​

​a Mother's Touch​were beside you.​Grieve not...nor speak of ​

​is ever lost​

​him as living ​

​how nothing but ​years.​in a place ​

​Just think of ​-- his journey's just begun,​living.​

​Leave me in ​in life​too long on ​

​good for you, or your wife ​a little.​go.​

​friends we know​home.​It's all a ​

​a journey that ​that we once ​


​Why cry for ​has set for ​

​Go​left behind​The saddest word ​

​more beautiful to ​much we need ​

​So He picks ​wonderful and mild.​

​death of one ​We mortals sometimes ​Little Angels 2​

​day, right from the ​I will always ​and say, "Welcome Home."​

​And then, when you must ​

​listen with your ​So if you ​

​memories within your ​

​by trust.​So grieve awhile ​for the love ​

​guess​we had so ​see and do.​

​who love me,​on.​memory and let ​

​You can remember ​yesterday,​

​the loved you ​Your heart can ​

​pray that she'll come back,​or you can ​You Can Shed ​

​So go in ​us you gave ​

​Not just as ​kind.​A stronger person ​

​love and how ​A wife, a mother, a grandma too,​

​everything beautiful in ​


​A time for ​is an appointed ​

​Of one we ​She died as ​to me!​

​Grandma wiped my ​Grandma's love always ​open wide. She had the ​

​Grandma’s Love​The memory of ​I know that ​

​cherish.​my eyes.​going through the ​

​For I carry ​Apart​

​your baby, your child, your best friend.​can start.​other and carry ​

​all of you,​I'll be watching ​Me​

​best for all ​Your life was ​

​more.​We miss you ​to none.​

​Hard​For if you ​

​times we loved, the times we ​Remember me.​

​ gazing at a ​seen, but I can ​faithful, I have never ​


​there…Just a Memory ​

​I belong.​journey on, So let your ​our hearts forever,​

​I’ve left sweet ​Just a Memory ​

​the sun​and bright and ​

​leave an echo ​I'd like to ​

​Afterglow​For a part ​place, No one else ​

​In life we ​in our hearts.​

​our keepsake with ​too.​

​today, But that is ​in the sky.​

​near;​hand in comfort ​days,​

​live on and ​bravely with a ​wild tears​

​leave you for ​now, God set me ​

​grief.​Perhaps my time ​I wish for ​

​Ah, yes, these things I ​If parting has ​

​stay that way.​it all.​I took His ​

​Don't grieve for ​were hard to ​be well on ​

​you were weary, and He knew ​God's garden must ​

​tired face.​

​God looked around ​For part of ​and whispered "Peace be thine."​

​rough, and the hills ​be beautiful for ​He put his ​space.​

​you."​leave you. The times when ​walk with me ​time of my ​the sky. In each, I noticed footprints​walking along the ​

​I live within ​all remember Each ​And remember me ​summer brings​flowers bloom early ​and cry, I am not ​

​in circled flight, I am the ​

​autumn's gentle rain,​diamond's gift of ​there, I do not ​

​the best.​stopped beating, Hard working hands ​pass away.​

​So he put ​Come to Me​

​Then forget to ​by the way.​

​Forget that I ​frowned, and remember only ​of my journey, and I travel ​

​your own favorite ​

​an extensive library ​prayer cards are ​

​include: occupations, hobbies, branches of military ​We now also ​card, and a poem ​

​Another option would ​We provide a ​

​So we could ​to say "goodbye"​to that place ​

​that you were​so many things​

​the pain and ​Letting Go​

​in His way,​gone beyond our ​

​When through our ​For part of ​

​place, That no one ​In life I ​I cried.​

​before I knew ​Goodbye​

​Pues parte de ​Contigo."​

​momento mas aspero, y las Colinas​tiene que ser ​

​y vió su rostro cansado.​

​El jardín de Dios​and when the ​

​tears away...​angels are watching ​each day...​clouds appear.​Angels​the light of ​There is a ​Her laughter is ​We can find ​her smile.​The Magic of ​as though I ​Grieve Not​for nothing loved ​And think of ​know today​no days and ​the tears​only one.​away​be with the ​long.​as I was ​thoughts to dwell​

​It is not ​

​dead, cry for me ​Miss me - but let me ​

​go to the ​the road to ​must go alone.​

​For this is ​ Remember the love ​little - but not too ​

​gloom-filled room,​and the sun ​

​Miss Me, But Let me ​little child departs, we who are ​must try.​

​land of Heaven ​God knows how ​

​fold,​our world seem ​

​compares With the ​above,​

​my heart.​be remembered each ​child​

​with a smile ​soft and clear.​

​I'll be near; and if you ​

​on.​So bless the ​

​grief be comforted ​traveled on alone.​

​I thank you ​you can only ​

​Be happy that ​many things to ​love and those ​

​open your eyes, love and go ​cherish her​


​tomorrow and live ​

​be full of ​she's left.​your eyes and ​is gone,​our hearts, we'll eternally keep.​you to rest.​For all of ​another,​heart, you were always ​might.​You taught us ​Legacy of Love​You have made ​loving, a time for ​heaven-​For everything there ​

​be kept,​end,​

​always be, A precious memory ​

​me.​and snug.​Her arms were ​

​The Memory of ​in my heart​again soon.​

​live for and ​faceand tears to ​

​It keeps me ​you go,​

​While We Are ​I'll always be ​

​here's where you ​care of each​

​I'll be watching ​far.​

​Time Has Taken ​You did the ​place.​by, we miss you ​earth was done.​You said goodbye ​You Toiled So ​laughed.​of the​and admire it's simplicity,​shore,​I cannot be ​And to the ​To the living, I am gone; to the sorrowful, I will never ​

​Don’t despair, for I am ​

​place…I’m home where ​Now it’s time to ​memories Stay in ​to weep;​


​who grieve, to dry before ​and laughing times ​

​I'd like to ​

​happy one,​you home.​you, But you didn't go alone,​

​you hold a ​have died.​in His keeping, We have you ​Your memory is ​days before that ​you with love ​waiting for you ​

​youand hold you ​Reach out your ​loneliness on empty ​my name​

​But start out ​grieve and shed ​When I must ​--God wanted me ​

​now with undue ​Good friends, good times,a loved one's touch.​

​sorrow;​A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,​day.​

​Tasks undone must ​

​back and left ​for me​I Am Free​rough, and the hills ​you would never ​He knew that ​to rest.​upon the earth, and saw your ​God's Garden 2​not go alone;​your weary eyelids ​road was getting ​God's garden must ​your tired face.​saw an empty ​that I carried ​and would never ​so I said, "Lord, you promised me, that you would ​was only one. During the lowest ​life flashed across ​dreamed I was ​forever near For ​But most of ​leaves of gold​the fun that ​Remember me when ​at my grave ​Of quiet birds ​grain, I am the ​blow, I am the ​and weep, I am not ​to us, He only takes ​A golden heart ​we watched you, And saw you ​be,​for a day.​of the day.​blundered, and sometimes fell ​I have done,​you can, that I ever ​to the end ​

​those below, or bring us ​

​We also have ​

​All of our ​

​themes. Some of those ​

​the card.​

​front of the ​
​non-denominational cards.​