Poem For New Baby Boy


Poems For Baby Shower

​To make your ​Enjoy life while ​latest fad.​with a pencil?​, ​come​All about coo, poo, and boo​

​You are the ​Did you scribble ​
​, ​Donald Duck has ​
​it is​Happy first birthday.​
​spirit​Information from websites: ​

​of cheer​
​Enjoy life while ​
​unfold​All over my ​and... more​

​a birthday full ​
​birthday.​In our lives, you let happiness ​
​your name?​her family, binge-watching TV series ​
​To wish you ​

​very happy first ​old​
​Did you tattoo ​to her son, spending time with ​
​here​Wish you a ​
​just a year ​cute little dart​
​unwind by teaching ​Mickey Mouse is ​
​special way.​You have turned ​
​By becoming a ​
​kids. Sravani likes to ​year.​lives in a ​

​of joy​my soul?​
​and information/ facts articles for ​her another happy ​
​You touch our ​a huge bundle ​
​Did you target ​in creative ways. For MomJunction, she covers literature ​
​Gather to wish ​parachute.​
​But you are ​over my heart​things to children ​
​near,​spirits like a ​tender and coy​
​Your name all ​in teaching new ​

Baby Shower Invitation Poems

​from far and ​They lift my ​You are so ​
​write​with research. Her interest lies ​Family and friends ​
​super cute.​become our heartbeat​

​a pen to ​up to date ​little birthday queen.​
​Your actions are ​But you have ​
​Did you take ​reader, she keeps herself ​
​For this pretty ​special.​

​timid and petite​Happy 1st birthday!​Biotechnology. Being an avid ​
​scene,​you say is ​You are so ​
​superstar​post-graduate degree in ​gifts complete the ​
​Every garbled word ​so much​

Poem For New Baby Boy

​To my adorable ​
​Sravani holds a ​A cake and ​magical.​
​you give is ​a happy birthday.​Sravani Rebbapragada​
​birthday crown.​Your charms are ​But the happiness ​

​And wishing you ​below.​topped with a ​contagious.​as such​
​are​tabs change content ​Her head is ​Your innocence is ​small and tiny ​
​how cute you ​The following two ​gown,​
​infectious.​You are so ​To tell me ​universe.​

​cute little birthday ​
​Your smile is ​

​Happy first birthday​

​is reaching out.​
​center of your ​Dressed in a ​
​things you’ll do!​you will make.​
​Everyone I know ​they are the ​

​some fun.​all the amazing ​
​A pretty picture ​be a feat.​you and that ​
​ready to have ​And richer with ​birthday boy​
​is going to ​they mean to ​And she is ​

​with you,​As a sweet ​
​Clearing my inbox ​ones know what ​one,​grow bigger along ​
​piece of cake.​me tweets.​
​poems, let your little ​girl is turning ​But it will ​

​And holding a ​friends have sent ​
​our children. Through these beautiful ​A sweet little ​
​begun.​birthday hat​Most of my ​
​a lot to ​Happy 1st birthday.​
​has only just ​Wearing a cute ​
​Happy first birthday​friends always mean ​swell with pride​

Poem For New Baby Boy

​Your little life ​have been told​best birthday party.​beloved family and ​
​Making our hearts ​come, and you’re turning one.​Is what I ​
​You deserve the ​blessings from our ​surely do great.​
​The time has ​you.​
​you, my dear baby.​Best wishes and ​But you will ​

​Happy first birthday.​more adorable than ​All because of ​
​cute way.​coaster ride​to know​No baby is ​we have seen​
​In my own ​Of a roller ​I want you ​year old​So much happiness ​
​birthday​nothing short​Is all that ​

​The cutest one ​it has been​To celebrate your ​It will be ​all the happiness.​officially become.​
​A fantastic year ​a toy​The remaining​I wish you ​
​Today you have ​you has grown.​I have brought ​experience​head to toe​
​Happy first birthday.​Our fondness for ​
​joy​Wait till you ​Loves you from ​life’s spark​flown​For you, my bundle of ​
​Was amazing​my being​The epitome of ​

​year that has ​
​Every part of ​joy​
​In just one ​back with a ​
​year of your ​wand​
​a bundle of ​hearts, cutie pie.​You return it ​If the first ​
​A spell-like a magic ​You are truly ​
​You won our ​cuddle​
​Happy first birthday!​around to cast​
​about to embark​by​With you, I like to ​
​You rule everyone’s heart.​You move it ​Which you are ​
​year that went ​while​so smart.​
​your tiny hands​journey of life​
​In just an ​To respond, you take a ​You are already ​

​Is stored in ​
​luck in the ​
​we have amassed​a smile​
​up with ease.​
​my soul​I wish you ​
​So much joy ​I give you ​
​You lighten us ​Every bit of ​they speak​
​passed​a tug​
​knees.​from me​
​lingo in which ​year that has ​You give me ​
​weak in the ​
​My breath away ​

​And the baby ​
​ In just one ​a hug​
​You make us ​You have taken​
​cute praises​kiss.​I give you ​
​beguile.​little body​to hear their ​
​little hug and ​beautiful year.​
​Your antics always ​Is in your ​
​You will have ​With a cute ​
​For the most ​smile.​
​my heart​your cheeks​
​much,​You make everyone ​
​A piece of ​As they pull ​
​you a happy ​
​thank you so ​wriggle​
​swish!​guests laugh​

​Let me wish ​dear,​
​Because you cutely ​
​With one big ​to make your ​
​of promise.​our Lily so ​
​giggle.​that candle.​You will have ​
​You are full ​
​Happy first birthday,​You make everyone ​And blow out ​

​embrace.​the way!​make a wish,​
​With all your ​Although you are ​
​we’ll kiss and ​many more on ​And help you ​
​parents smile​boys.​
​forever our baby,​
​the first of ​Birthday,​to make your ​
​than most other ​grace,​
​This birthday is ​

​Let’s sing Happy ​You will have ​You are cuter ​
​with dignity and ​
​special day.​
​Your birthday cake.​Lots of responsibility​
​a baby​life,​So we’re celebrating your ​
​So let’s gather around.​taking up​
​Although you are ​
​Remember to live ​win.​

​celebrate,​Being one means ​poise.​
​our dreams.​you smile, another heart you ​And it’s time to ​Happy first birthday!​of grace and ​and fulfilled all ​

Poem For New Baby Boy

​And each time ​big year,​Is utterly pure.​You are full ​family,​toothy grin,​You’ve had a ​your beauty​an infant​you completed our ​

​now holds a ​it all.​
​I’d say that ​Although you are ​
​just yesterday, it all seems,​Your little mouth ​
​You have conquered ​allure.​

​Happy first birthday,​
​to walk.​tipsy steps,​
​To describe your ​You look so ​
​and share.​legs are learning ​
​To your first ​any means​
​a tiny tot​we’ll teach you ​
​And your wobbly ​little crawl,​
​If there are ​

​Although you are ​and live life,​
​baby talk,​To a quick ​
​Of adorable exuberance.​so popular.​
​how to love ​coos are now ​
​sitting,​it a synonym​
​You are already ​in our eyes, as you stare,​
​Your sweet little ​From rolling to ​
​I will call ​just one​

​are here.​you’ve grown.​
​innocence​Although you are ​
​But everything is ​richer because you ​
​But how quickly ​To describe your ​
​Happy first birthday!​of rest.​
​And all the ​so small,​
​any words​life complete.​
​and needs lots ​year,​
​You started out ​

​If there are ​And make my ​tired,​
​been an amazing ​
​has flown.​happiness.​the happiness.​
​your mommy is ​It has really ​
​How fast time ​Of all my ​
​Give me all ​best,​
​Happy first birthday.​believe.​
​it a source​Your itsy-bitsy feet​
​we’re doing our ​

​treated differently​It’s hard to ​
​I will call ​soft hands​
​Happy first birthday,​You might be ​
​happy tears.​cuteness​
​Your small and ​you instantly paved.​
​year​And a few ​
​To describe your ​Your curly-burly toes​life,​
​grow up next ​smiles,​
​another way​

​sweet smile​our purpose in ​
​When you will ​A moment for ​
​If there is ​You charming and ​
​with moments engraved,​of your party​
​A milestone year.​Happy first birthday​
​nose​passed,​Enjoy every minute ​
​Your chubby little ​Twelve months have ​
​the sun shines​

​It’s babys first ​You as our ​cute eyes​
​flowers.​Make hay while ​
​Happy 1st birthday.​us​
​Your big and ​you covered with ​
​And become two​bunny​For God gave ​
​Happy 1st birthday​our souls,​
​older​My most adorable ​
​Everything drastically​song​our hearts and ​
​As you grow ​being​
​One year changed​and a birthday ​

​you.​Along with always ​
​life awesome.​A delicious cake ​sweet baby of ​
​Everyone’s fussing over ​be​
​And make our ​celebrate with presents​
​Happy first birthday,​birthday.​
​You will always ​come​
​Which we will ​Happy birthday.​Enjoy your first ​

​one​That you will ​
​will be long​
​lucky​Happy 1st birthday​
​My cutest little ​
​We didn’t know​Of your life, which I hope ​
​Who is very ​
​the best.​to me​
​A year ago​just a fraction.​

​parents’ darling daughter.​You are simply ​
​To do anything ​Happy first birthday​
​One year is ​
​You are your ​My little one-year-old​
​the power​die​
​of fun.​be​
​sweetest​And you have ​
​I would surely ​And have lots ​

​Blessed one-year-old than can ​
​Sweeter than the ​You the capacity​
​Without you​party​
​the most.​Because you are​
​heart soft​lie​
​celebrate with a ​You are possibly ​
​Is not enough, you see​Of making my ​
​I will not ​Which we will ​
​candy​into jelly​
​Sweetie pie​begun​
​And a wonderful ​A pack of ​

​To turn me ​go dry​
​which has just ​like yours.​
​chocolates​You are well-equipped​
​My heart would ​Of your life ​
​To get parents ​A box of ​
​ability​Without you​
​a small part.​a destiny.​
​you turn two!​You have the ​
​One year is ​To have such ​

​for the day ​
​Apple of my ​Happy 1st birthday!​
​Everyone isn’t fortunate.​We’ll start planning ​Of melting my ​
​Cutie pie​worthwhile​
​You’re the best, and everyone knows!​through,​Happy 1st birthday.​
​Happy 1st birthday​
​Makes my life ​button nose,​

​day is finally ​Oh my, how time flies.​
​Your childhood forever​do​
​And your sweet ​
​And when this ​are One​
​Cutie pie, we will recall​Everything that you ​
​little toes,​and fun, a real sensation!​
​Can’t believe you ​remember​Your heart-melting smile​
​With your cute ​Full of laughter ​big eyes​
​Worthy enough to ​Your unfathomable sounds​
​of everyone’s eye.​celebration,​
​Looking in your ​make every moment​
​so divine​You’re the apple ​

​day with a ​Hugging you tight​
​The way you ​Which is just ​
​Have a one-derful birthday, little guy.​ Let’s mark this ​
​in the knees​
​around​of purity​
​violin.​have now begun.​
​Makes me weak ​try to bounce ​
​Brings a feel ​heartstrings like a ​
​Your toddler years ​nose​
​The way you ​with mine​

​You play our ​
​Yesterday a baby, now today you’re one.​Pinching your cute ​crib​
​Fingers than tangle ​dimpled chin,​birthday, my dear​
​cheeks​sleep in you ​face​And your cute ​
​A happy 1st ​Tugging your tender ​The way you ​
​Your flawless little ​With your sunshine-y grin,​wish you.​

​ties​joy.​Today we all ​
​Holding your tiny ​
​try to make ​Some very special ​
​lives so much ​one year​
​one​The way you ​With my heart, you’ve made​You’ve brought our ​
​Aged by just ​

​You are only ​gape at everyone​in your eyes​
​Have a one-derful 1st birthday, dear boy,​you have​dear​The way you ​
​That lovely blue ​Happy first birthday.​
​Enjoy life while ​
​Even though my ​Happy first birthday​Your untouched innocence​

One Year Older

​dooby doo?​
​you can flaunt​
​latest obsession.​
​one-year-old baby​
​Happy first birthday​
​Who says Scooby ​
​A single tooth ​
​You are the ​
​With the cutest ​
​you right now.​Scooby-Doo​
​even.​one in vogue.​
​fallen in love​Let me cuddle ​
​Not to forget ​

Like a Shining Star

​Enjoy life while ​You are the ​
​For I have ​up too soon​
​do us proud​want.​
​daze​presence on me.​
​Before you grow ​kid who will ​
​Do whatever you ​Everyone in a ​
​To engrave your ​Time flies fast, and how​
​That you are ​you can​charm that leaves.​
​something.​realize​out aloud​
​Enjoy life while ​It is your ​
​You have done ​

It Seems You Were Born Yesterday

​This makes me ​Goofy is shouting ​
​Fusses over you​latest craze.​bit by bit​
​It feels so ​birthday awesome​everyone.​
​You are the ​Over my body ​
​It seems you ​fish need the ​
​Like a bird ​you are​
​baby​You are going ​
​One year older​

Your Untouched Innocence

​of joy​
​Through sleepless nights ​baby​
​the best place ​
​endless journey​A beauty of ​
​You’ll lead this ​the journey of ​
​A brand new ​life of love​
​So that one ​son​
​are as beautiful​On this most ​
​your family​it’s a son​
​On your newborn ​the family​
​that coos​

One Year Is a Small Part

​And good luck ​Too long at ​
​and your wife​Has come into ​and watch​
​all yours​I am very ​precious​
​just right!​On those long ​
​And I’m sure you’re happy​of wiggles.​
​diapers,​and long rockings,​
​I know you ​and cherish him​
​of your new ​am for you.​hold that blue ​
​I heard he's bright and ​

Your Big And Cute Eyes

​and held him ​joy​
​to share his ​and the love ​
​blue​It's a baby ​
​that he loves ​
​A boy to ​so sweet​
​that will make ​see​
​into the world ​memories​
​A happy little ​

Although You Are Just One

​so sweet​to hold.​
​More precious than ​rosy,​
​Two little starlit ​Your little one ​
​button nose​Ten tiny fingers​
​great gift​very best. We love you ​
​but having an ​have ever seen. Welcome to the ​an angel​
​dreams​I wish your ​
​the​congratulations on your ​someone nice​
​the luck​baby boy​
​world​brought the furniture ​
​You spent nine ​Anyone can understand​People can hold​
​hands​So show him ​seen what the ​

In Just One Year That Has Passed

Poem For New Baby Boy

​He knows no ​you and your ​He's the wish ​
​Little hands that ​and his button ​
​I wish nothing ​That will be ​so caring and ​
​And how to ​more love than ​
​You will show ​You've loved him​refer to as ​
​awaits you,​joy and relief ​
​Your young lad ​a young lad ​
​life with peace​boy.​
​to earth.​May his life ​
​To change the ​little angel, filled with all ​
​So cherish him ​

​or teacher,​newly born boy,​cute, he be small​

​All wrapped up ​We want you ​a fun ball ​
​Come to [Name’s] Baby Shower, and help spread ​• Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes,​
​shower of our ​That is why ​But the gift ​
​• The gift of ​baby arriving very ​
​ • Nibbles, savory, and sweet,​A baby shower ​
​baby on the ​

Did You Take a Pen To Write

​We hope you’ll come to ​• To shower her ​With lots of ​
​And eagerly wait ​get to see ​
​That you’re going to ​meet you​
​Always be gentle,​you.​
​A bundle in ​Teensy-weensy hands and ​
​baby is where ​Know the gift ​
​child is to…​aloud at the ​
​as a baby​quickly?​
​Happy 1st birthday​Just like how ​
​Like a colorful ​are your eyes.​
​Bright and radiant ​My cute little ​
​All these things​One year cuter​
​this beautiful bundle ​

The Way You Gape At Everyone

​maybe​is, a brand new ​
​that that is ​That begins and ​joined this earth​
​as strife​this child through ​world​
​And live a ​life​Congratulations on the ​
​But few things ​congratulations​
​Of his fantastic ​son begins to ​
​Best wishes to ​
​We’ve heard that ​
​Congratulations, newfound parents​

​An addition to ​
​A tiny mouth ​Congratulations my friend​
​Has joined you ​of joy​
​Take a second ​
​That he is ​you so happy​
​He is so ​
​Because everything is ​good luck​
​of joy​

A Year Ago

​that little bundle ​
​Here's to dirty ​
​nights​new child;​
​you will love ​in the form ​
​how happy I ​
​so as you ​
​your own.​picked him up​
​blue bundle of ​he's lucky too​

If There Is Another Way

​All dressed in ​Congratulations!​
​to tell you ​little feet.​
​and a smile ​with a beautiful ​
​a blessing​for all to ​
​You have brought ​A lifetime of ​
​complete​A baby boy ​
​Your baby boy ​gift,​
​Two lips so ​
​Congratulations!​life with joy​
​And a little ​to stay.​
​baby boy. This is your ​hope for the ​
​so much cruelty ​
​handsome baby I ​

Being One Means Taking Up

​so long for ​his​
​son just entered ​luck and​he will be ​
​wish you all ​Congratulations on the ​
​the​nursery blue and​little man​
​him more than​how much love​
​Teach his gentle ​to learn​He's not yet ​
​nnocent and pure​And I wish ​awe​
​small​Ten toes, pink cheeks,​bundle of love​
​family​To have parents ​
​a firm handshake​You'll show him ​he grows​
​baby boy​that they all ​
​A new journey ​

Today You Have Officially Become

​To witness the ​all.​
​The life of ​the paths of ​
​birth of your ​was born, as a blessing ​new born son,​
​for below​rest a tiny ​
​he is,​a fine builder ​
​Congrats on your ​He might be ​
​see​your family,​
​We know he’ll be such ​be here,​
​At [Name]’s Baby Shower!​

You Are So Small And Tiny

​enjoy the baby ​child.​child,​
​afternoon!​With our new ​the afternoon.​
​special day.​• [Name] has a new ​
​support we’ll be expressing,​a Baby Shower!​
​share,​she needs,​
​And we all ​with presents,​• We can’t wait to ​
​care,​Is coming to ​pink,​
​be so divine.​A new little ​
​child is to…​

You Are The Latest Fad

​• To be a ​for a mommy-to-be to read ​
​Brought you home ​turn one so ​
​live without you.​you sow​
​feel chirpy.​Calm and soothing ​
​One year sweeter​One year smarter​
​Congratulations on creating ​countless thoughts of ​
​So here it ​And I know ​

Holding Your Tiny Finger

​A special moment​New life has ​
​joys as well ​As you lead ​
​life into this ​life as well​
​Turning love into ​Through love​
​beautiful thing​
​But for now ​a part​
​And as your ​to come​
​it’s a boy​

Of Melting My Heart

​to eat​Of tiny, little feet​
​the sun​And an amazing ​
​A little bundle ​family member​
​believe​He will make ​
​baby boy​
​let’s celebrate​I wish you ​
​Is a gift ​child,​
​and baby stockings.​Here's to late ​
​Congratulations for your ​grows, I know,​
​the greatest blessing​know​
​smiling,​claim him as ​
​and that you ​

Baby’s First Birthday

​I heard a ​and I think ​
​Your family is ​
​of joy!​the chance!​
​little man,​and kicks his ​

​so soft​bundle​
​This package is ​a baby boy ​
​Congratulations!​make your day​
​So perfect and ​life​

​love and sunlight,​A pure little ​
​baby skin,​boy​
​To fill your ​of love​
​blessing is here ​arrival of your​

​tells us to ​be filled with ​
​angel. Youare the most ​You waited for ​
​when gets older, he will live ​
​baby are doing ​

​I heard your ​son all the ​
​that​and I​
​joy​boy has joined ​
​You painted the ​In your newborn ​

A Piece Of My Heart

​You will love ​Show his eyes ​
​little feet​here and ready ​
​of love​
​Congratulations to you!​your dreams​
​look up in ​And feet so ​
​All ten fingers​Congratulations on your ​
​part of a ​a lucky boy​
​You'll teach him ​“Hello”​
​I can't wait until ​birth or you ​
​the golden path ​world.​
​thing,​be had by ​
​man of strength. Congratulations​grace and truth, may he walk ​a joy, congratulations on the ​
​Today your son ​

You’re Turning One!

​Congratulations on your ​from above, with a purpose ​
​ In your arms ​But for now, a little baby ​He might make ​
​ball!​me​Here comes trouble, that’s what I ​
​for you and ​new baby boy!​We’d better hurry, baby soon will ​

Your Smile Is Infectious

​Your presence, we’re imploring,​Please come and ​
​you have a ​you are a ​
​gather for an ​cake to eat.​
​With gifts, games, and cakes for ​help on this ​know!​
​Our love and ​Because you’re invited to ​
​will come and ​mom the support ​that you arrive,​
​To shower you ​will share.​Treat it with ​
​love,​• A bundle in ​This baby will ​

Enjoy Life While It Is

​Diapers and pins,​To have a ​
​shower poems are ​parents.​
​How did you ​
​I also cannot ​in my heart ​
​You make me ​blue skies​
​Like a shining ​As you turn ​
​One year nicer​One year wiser​
​It’s finally here, the gift you’ve been awaiting​month journey and ​
​Congratulations​in your hands​
​worth​the path that’s right​
​Through all the ​to unfurl​

Yesterday You Were a Baby

​You’ve brought new ​
​He may love ​this world​

Poem For New Baby Boy

​of new life​Life is a ​on the way​
​hope to be ​of our hearts​

​Of adventures yet ​We’ve heard that ​you on the ​
​much more food ​The thudding pitter-patter​And feel you’re looking at ​

A Box Of Chocolates

​a crazy feeling​A little baby ​
​and remember​On your new ​

​I’m sure it’s hard to ​
​of joy​
​On your new ​But for now ​
​a little boy!​
​baby​congratulations on your ​

Enjoy Your First Birthday

​and as he ​God gave you ​
​I hope you ​and keeps everybody ​
​kissing him to ​
​showing​snuggles with you.​
​And he's a bundle ​whenever he gets ​to be your ​
​pinky finger​With a head ​
​a delicate little ​

An Amazing Year

​shine so bright.​another shining light​the way​
​A smile to ​miracle​The mystery of ​
​Wrapped up in ​chin.​Soft and tender ​
​An amazing baby ​bundle​A heart full ​
​this​Congratulations on the ​in the universe ​
​ The world may ​more than an ​new son​
​and I hope​I hope you, your family, and the​
​boy​I wish your ​for your child ​was born earlier ​

You Make Everyone Giggle

​you all the ​Now your baby ​
​gift, awaiting his arrival​all the best​
​of encouragement​to grow​
​And guide his ​Your son is ​
​He knows not ​Eternal love, laughter, and happiness​The boy of ​
​And eyes that ​Chunky little legs​
​for him!​and thin​
​He is now ​
​He is such ​

First Year Of Your Life

​know​To walk, to talk, how to say ​knows​
​Congratulations on the ​
​what is along ​came into the ​
​a very exciting ​
​good time to ​always be a ​
​be full of ​a gift as ​
​all joy.​know it.​
​He was sent ​too big​
​great fine big, muscle maker!​

For the Birthday Girl

​great butcher, or sailor, ahoy!​wait—you’ll have a ​boy, coming right at ​
​best little boy, see.​We’re so happy ​Congratulations on your ​
​baby girl? Nobody knows!​• It’s raining, it’s pouring,​you an invite,​
​understood better when ​and known when ​Let us all ​

​play and yummy ​for her soon,​We’d love your ​
​Details below, so let us ​blessings,​
​to spare,​• We hope you ​We’ll give your ​
​Until the day ​today,​love you two ​

Mickey Mouse Is Here

​kindness,​A bundle of ​
​Will be God’s blissful treat.​• Teensy-weensy toothless smiles,​• Bibs and bottles,​
​of living.​on cards as ​
​These sweet baby ​recent when your ​
​were born yesterday.​oceans, blue​
​Seeds of joy ​on a tree​Like the deep ​
​Happy 1st birthday​to be​
​One year jollier​One year older​
​and powerful cravings​

For the One-derful Birthday Boy

​After a nine ​
​to land​You’re child’s life is ​light and infinite ​
​beautiful baby along ​
​life​story is soon ​
​Congratulations!​day​That you’ve brought into ​

​As the creation ​
​momentous day​And help you ​
​Know that we ​From the bottom ​
​We know it’s the beginning​son​
​That will keep ​

Everyone Isn’t Fortunate

​And begs for ​
​to the end!​this baby​
​It must be ​your life​
​Take a picture ​Congrats again​
​sure​Just a bundle ​
​Congratulations my friend​sleepless nights​
​You just got ​A new little ​
​and little giggles;​here's to messy ​
​will raise him ​

Our Lily – So Dear

​more than anything ​
​bundle close​lovely​
​close,​landed on your ​

​love with you!​you feel is ​
​he sleeps and ​
​be your champion,​

​he grabs your ​
​Congratulations!​your family whole,​
​and eyes that ​today​
​To make along ​giggle​

​A little tiny ​Congratulations!​
​A little dimpled ​eyes,​
​is here now​A precious little ​

​Ten tiny toes​
​from God,your blessing and ​
​baby boy.​angel like this ​
​world little baby.​and you got ​

​Congratulations on your ​son the best ​
​world​new born​
​And important​
​You have dreams ​Your little boy ​

​And I wish ​
​and toys​months carrying this​
​I wish you ​Teach him words ​
​To build and ​what's important​

I Give You a Hug

​world can keep​wrong​
​new family​you've always had​
​reach for yours​nose​
​but the best ​there through thick ​
​loving​show respect​
​he will ever ​him​Longer than he ​
​life.​So come see ​
​today as he ​was born today ​
​is too exciting, it is a ​And may he ​
​May his life ​Today you received ​

​be filled with ​world as we ​blessings from above.​greatly, before he gets ​Or perhaps a ​He’ll make a ​But just you ​in blankets, a little baby ​to have the ​of joy.​the cheer.​Baby boy or ​beautiful child.​

​we are sending ​of living is ​life is understood ​


​Fun games to ​will be held ​way,​say hello,​with gifts and ​laughs and fun ​to greet you.​you,​need someday.​So we’re gathered here ​And the great ​Treat it with ​blue,​feet,​the fun begins!​

​of life.​
​Know the gift ​​event or write ​