Poem For Mum

​ Wishing you much ​blessed and privileged ​
​It’s no wonder ​, ​
​opportunity to wish ​—Kate Summers​
​for I am ​head up high.​
​, ​We take this ​
​bring.​life through you, I thank God,​and lifted her ​
​Information from websites: ​a hurry​
​that life may ​
​the best in ​ashes for beauty ​
​and... more​
​and don’t be in ​you the best ​
​for I have ​
​He traded her ​her family, binge-watching TV series ​Enjoy your life ​
​One that offers ​
​you can claim,​went by.​
​to her son, spending time with ​As they say, be happy, don’t worry​
​coming year be​mother like only ​
​watched as time ​unwind by teaching ​
​a long time​
​birthday and the ​
​best that a ​every prayer and ​
​kids. Sravani likes to ​health and living ​
​So may this ​only the very ​
​He heard her ​and information/ facts articles for ​
​Here’s to your ​best of everything​love,​
​alone.​in creative ways. For MomJunction, she covers literature ​
​achieving your prime​You deserve the ​
​my message with ​she was all ​
​things to children ​You are just ​
​me​I send you ​
​she cried when ​in teaching new ​
​to be feared​you are to ​
​of my heart ​
​knew the tears ​with research. Her interest lies ​
​age is not ​
​A special person ​from the bottom ​But only God ​
​up to date ​
​Remember though that ​every way.​latest trend.​
​brave and strong,​reader, she keeps herself ​ Another birthday, another year​
​Be realized in ​one and only ​
​every day, she seemed so ​Biotechnology. Being an avid ​
​—Theodore W. Higginsworth​pursue​
​you are my ​
​ Investing in us ​post-graduate degree in ​
​good cheer.​dreams you do ​
​hand,​became her wealth.​
​Sravani holds a ​Be one of ​
​May all the ​with a lending ​
​the high road, and her kids ​below.​
​special day​the caring friend ​
​Instead she took ​tabs change content ​
​May the coming ​Today is your ​
​please herself.​The following two ​care​
​you​with an open ​
​different path, the road to ​her to cherish.​
​With those who ​is just for ​
​the loving mother ​She could’ve chosen a ​
​memorable day for ​May you share​This heartfelt wish ​
​will always be,​kept us alive.​
​make it a ​of wealth​—Catherine Pulsifer​
​me and you ​love for us, and that love ​
​her birthday and ​And a bit ​
​to do.​
​you are to ​sure of her ​
​your mom on ​health​
​things you love ​endless.​
​But mom was ​and affection towards ​
​May you have ​is filled with ​
​love that is ​that we’d survive,​
​express your love ​problems that disappear​the coming year​
​"thank you mum", for all your ​brow and doubt ​
​poems help you ​
​May you have ​in hopes that ​
​might raise a ​unconditionally. We hope these ​
​Another birthday, another year​
​wishes for you​"thank you mum", for all your ​
​The outside world ​by loving her ​
​—Kate Summers​brings​
​time,​a lack.​
​our well-being. Let’s repay her ​
​oh, how swell!​So this poems ​
​"thank you mum", for all your ​
​needed; we never knew ​thinks of is ​
​are special and ​can conceive​
​give,​just what we ​
​All a mother ​
​We think you ​Whatever your mind ​
​ "thank you mum", for all you ​We always had ​
​—Roseanna Miles​you well​
​Happy Birthday Mum​day we wish ​
​All that you ​always make my ​
​warm, clothes upon our ​
​day xxx​So on this ​
​to hear that ​full, our beds were ​
​my mum, today and every ​you do.​
​Remember you can ​words I long ​
​Our table was ​Thanks for being ​
​success in all ​Follow your dreams​
​you spell the ​
​We wish you ​doors.​
​the way,​a hint of ​
​just want to ​proud of you​lots of open ​
​walk me through ​ones with even ​
​so much and ​
​We are so ​Be one with ​
​always present to ​burdened her little ​
​I Love you ​strife​
​this coming year​your hands are ​
​But she never ​today.​
​is one without ​May you find ​
​feel mild.​desperate prayer,​
​that I am ​And your attitude ​
​store​make my pains ​
​or heard a ​be the person ​
​in life​you is in ​
​so tender you ​a worried look ​
​I would not ​are with accomplishments ​
​A birthday for ​so patient and ​
​Sometimes we saw ​way,​
​Now here you ​
​so kind,​
​drawn​showing me the ​
​Another year has ​so loving and ​
​her heart is ​and guiding hand ​
​was full of ​
​—Marilyn Lott​as I remember ​
​feet is where ​Without your help ​
​yesterday your life ​happy tears!​
​from as long ​
​from beneath her ​
​for being you,​It was only ​
​And shed only ​
​my dear mother, my dear friend.​Smiles that come ​
​I thank you ​celebrating another birthday​
​laughter every day​only you deserve,​
​Mum,​believe you are ​
​Is smiles and ​all the praise ​
​to call her ​be without you ​
​It’s hard to ​you all year​
​greetings filled with ​
​of a life ​I could not ​
​—Nick Bowley​
​My wish for ​I dedicate,​
​that she’s been cheated ​
​when I do,​
​mum!​mom​to you mother ​
​She never feels ​
​But believe me ​day​
​So happy birthday ​my best wishes ​
​cleaned.​often say it,​
​Have a wonderful ​
​with a kiss​your birthday,​
​Faces to wash, meals to cook, clothes that needed ​I may not ​
​birthday​And I’ll end it ​
​as you celebrate ​a dream.​
​—Theodore W. Higginsworth​to celebrate your ​
​Birthday to you​on this day ​
​or waiting for ​in store​
​your special day​I’ll sing Happy ​
​—Valerie Radcliffe​time for wishing ​has good things ​
​as this is ​list​
​wonderful special day​There was no ​
​We know life ​give to you​
​Chocolate tops your ​I love you, and have a ​
​never looking back.​day to you, we say​
​so i can ​very favorite cake​
​say​on us and ​
​and on this ​this bouquet special​
​I’ll bake your ​been there, so I will ​
​Never giving up ​many more​
​so i bought ​
​are the best​
​You have always ​her stacked,​
​We wish you ​your gardening to​
​Because you truly ​a little frown​she battled, the odds against ​
​So happy, happy birthday​and you like ​
​entire day​And sometimes even ​How every day ​
​your best.​flowers​
​We’ll visit the ​ups and downs​
​tell her worth,​will give it ​
​that you like ​can rest​
​we have had ​Stories, songs, and ballads, all trying to ​We know you ​
​Mum i know ​house so you ​
​I know that ​earth.​
​success​—Edward Tuck​
​I’ll clean your ​have learned​
​moms across the ​and to your ​
​So much I ​every day for ​
​Here’s to you ​You are not ​
​a bouquet of ​have taught​
​Poems are written ​the way​
​the birthdays fly,​I’ll pick you ​
​So much you ​—Joanna Fuchs​
​and knowledge pave ​No matter how ​
​with sweet tea​have heard​
​Happy Birthday, Mom!​Let your experience ​
​by,​And serve it ​So much I ​
​person you are.​is yesterday​
​the years go ​a delicious meal​have said​
​for the extraordinary ​Behind you now ​
​No matter how ​I’ll cook you ​So much you ​
​you do,​and words can’t tell.​
​much to me​you do​
​Thank you, Mom, for all that ​That my wishes ​
​If love you ​You mean so ​In all that ​
​love can fill.​ways​
​the jest,​Happy Birthday Mom​through​
​that only your ​in all the ​
​life you keep ​
​—Joanna Fuchs​Your love shines ​in my life, an emptiness​
​treat you great ​And if in ​Love her, Lord; my mom, whom I adore.​
​by my side​a gaping hole ​And may life ​
​the best​more;​
​To have you ​Without you, there would be​
​well​life you take ​and happiness and ​
​I​Happy Birthday, Mom!​coming year goes ​

Great Mom

​But if from ​

I Love You Mom

​Give her peace ​How lucky am ​
​to me.​Is that the ​
​—Mayie Cachero​
​you give unfailingly ​special day,​
​Then you are ​much; she’s unlike any ​
​you, my Mom.​comfort, security, and happiness​
​you on this ​

​dead,​Who gives so ​
​Thank You to ​the kind of​
​My wish for ​If your ambition’s fires are ​
​my sweet, loving mother,​I wanna say ​
​be filled with ​—Catherine Pulsifer​
​longer look ahead,​Lord, please care for ​
​of mine,​of your life​
​Happy Birthday, we love you.​If you no ​

​heart eternally.​very special day ​
​hour, day and year ​Be happy don’t be blue​
​lost,​Because you’ll own my ​
​So in this ​May every second, minute​

​If hope is ​
​for me,​here today,​
​Happy birthday, Mom!​

​things are not ​behind,​
​a heartfelt day ​why I am ​—Vicki Fearnley​
​that the important ​left your dreams ​
​Your birthday is ​Cause you’re the reason ​

​forever more.​And never forget ​
​If you have ​every way.​
​be your day,​will love you ​
​happiness and health​quality of mind:​

A Prayer For A Mother’s Birthday

​bless you in ​
​Today’s my birthday, but it should ​and so I ​
​We wish you ​Age is a ​Asking Him to ​
​my own strife.​I ever had,​you were two.​

​—Catherine Pulsifer​
​the Lord today,​me to fight ​the first love ​
​like yesterday that ​dear.​Mom, I’m talking to ​
​You also taught ​as you are ​It was just ​

​you are very ​—Joanna Fuchs​
​me a life,​for sure,​
​time has flew​Because to us ​and Happy Birthday!​
​not just give ​this I know ​us realize how ​

​this year​Thank you, Mom,​
​Cause you did ​last breath,​
​Your age makes ​wishes come true ​
​peace.​of what you’ve done,​you until my ​

​in all ways​May all your ​
​of security and ​at least half ​
​ I will love ​year be special ​
​you do​reassuring feeling​

​I can achieve ​heart.​
​May the coming ​No matter what ​gives me a ​
​essence of my ​best of birthdays​

​we love you​

Flowers For Mum

​in my life​to become a ​who made the ​
​Wishing you the ​And always remember ​
​Your loving presence ​it’s my turn ​
​the one​—Diane Vermeer​
​affection.​I hope when ​
​remember you are ​Happy Birthday Mother​
​In everything you ​
​with your boundless ​
​let me live.​

​you.​happiness for you​

A Birthday Wish For Mother

​my empty, hurting places​lot just to ​so much time ​
​nicer Birthday than ​We wish much ​you fill up ​
​You sacrifice a ​and we spend ​
​to have a ​to know:​my worries,​
​inside of you, in me, you already believe,​may be distant,​No one derserves ​
​We want you ​me and ease ​
​When I was ​

​Although our paths ​

Spring Is In The Air

​assist​give you anything​
​or sympathize with ​me tight.​
​know.​Always ready to ​
​If we could ​bolster my confidence,​

​sad, you always hug ​me what I ​
​you are​love you so​
​up, make me smile,​When I am ​
​and for teaching ​a Mother like ​

​To those who ​

​to cheer me ​

Happy Birthday To You

​my light,​challenges,​
​Help to become ​bring​
​you,​is dark, you serve as ​
​through my biggest ​advice from,​
​Happiness you do ​Whenever I need ​
​When my life ​for helping me ​
​Someone to ask ​—Kate Summers​
​there for me, Mom.​already kind.​

​while I grow,​

Happy Birthday Mom

​You are always ​one you are ​
​to have confidence ​cry on, someone to laugh ​
​Remember you are ​your love, for me.​

​Cause from day ​teaching me strength,​
​A shoulder to ​
​sad​of a mother’s unconditional love…​
​you didn’t really mind,​Thank you for ​

​me,​with happy not ​
​comfort​The morning sickness ​
​say, "Thank you."​been there for ​Fill your life ​
​the all encompassing ​of you.​

​and I’ve forgotten to ​Mother, you have always ​heaven above​
​I wouldn’t have​
​Little by little, I grew inside ​by,​—Catherine Pulsifer​
​Thank God in ​because without you ​

​you,​Time will fly; each day goes ​
​year,​a part of ​
​things you do.​and all you ​each day you ​

​day of the ​For nine months, I was just ​
​all the wonderful ​
​We love you ​Be thankful for ​
​the most special ​—Fran Peck​


​Thank you, for being you​

A Mother Is So Many Things

​your way.​Mom, your birthday is​
​our hearts, our dear, precious Mother.​the day I ​
​for sharing​May blessings come ​
​—Caroline Falzon​the queen of ​

​Your birthday is ​Your always willingness ​
​coming year​Mum​Happy Birthday to ​
​—Toni Norton Kane​caring​
​And for the ​

​thank you mum, best wishes mum, I love you ​any other.​
​Happy Birthday​We appreciate your ​
​day​my mum!​
​her so unlike ​world each day.​

​you do.​On this special ​
​because you are ​that we love ​
​She is everything ​Happiness in all ​
​happiness, dear​book.​

​cleaner and your ​

​24 hours a ​

Don’t Forget

​Then she is ​takes place –​Happy Birthday Mom!​
​She is beautiful, which is true​In my book ​
​a Pure heart​could teach my ​
​My mother showed ​But she’s as sharp ​

​a tear.​a birthday,​
​To know I’m one of ​—Wenona Elie​
​be so sweet​lots of hours ​you​
​For a birthday ​is special​The rays are ​

​—Diane Hannah​thoughtful kind and ​
​on the way​very dear​sing ‘Happy Birthday, Mum’!​
​to embellish the ​When clouds bring ​
​the Sun.​Her due reward,–bless her in ​my debt​

Poem For Mum

​And though she ​mothers use.​Thou must refuse​
​and troubles fade ​content I lay,​
​of Life that ​to me;​I make this ​
​tender care:​mother,​You have a ​


Happy Birthday, Mom!

​You’re outstanding.​
​Of what a ​things you did,​
​I always took ​you.​
​You’re someone I ​With tender love ​
​for being far ​
​in hindsight​
​was so rude ​to me​
​All my mistakes, I have now ​From all the ​
​Assuring you that ​24) I want you ​
​I have realized ​Sorry for not ​
​But I have ​

​and experiences​

Happy Birthday To The Queen Of Our Hearts

​You have never ​reason​Was full of ​right​
​do it until ​I have no ​

​of​pain​I became​
​For hurting you ​offended​I know that ​

​redeemable​a bit too ​I should have ​apology​
​Is that you ​And making your ​

​After another​Pain and sorrow​17) I hurt you ​Who forgives when ​And unruly​
​want​This piercing feeling​By being my ​Twisting away in ​That I am ​

​All the things ​punished me​For the mistakes ​mom…​
​All those things ​torment​a promise​sorry​But since I ​

​When you showed ​listened​Still very livid​nothing​
​way possible​I hurt you​10) I spoke to ​tribute​

​Who has been ​All these years ​honest apology​from your memory​
​I am regretting ​I said​happy​stress​

​forgiveness​For every problem ​For every nightmare ​
​I apologize for ​Your love and ​do surely​

Poem For Mum

​I should have ​My lies and ​The hurt of ​
​bring unhappiness​Are the names ​I am sorry ​life as trite​To set the ​

​Edges that have ​for not saying​That have been ​that for you​
​You have proved ​that your tolerance​did​time, mom​

​I know that ​ever say –​without a guide ​your nurse​
​–​and loving space.​when the miracle ​

​be without you?​

Thank you Mom

​a sweetie​mother very much​My Mother has ​
​So then I ​be told.​
​make her old,​And even shed ​
​My mother has ​makes me proud,​much to do.​

​may your day ​to come​Happy Birthday to ​
​love and wishes​This birthday wish ​breaking through​
​Happy Birthday Mother​You are so ​
​With special wishes ​mother who is ​those gorgeous flowers​

​green​fun!​glad to see ​But Thou, love’s Lord, wilt not forget​
​I cannot pay ​hand held mine;​such as kind ​
​And even if ​Feel fears depart ​Fearless and well ​
​The deepening glow ​gift of life ​Mother most dear ​

​A mother’s love and ​You’re the best ​
​special crown.​joy to be ​anything.​
​Even when we ​good example​And all the ​
​your shoes.​A mom like ​You’re warm and ​

​You’re always there.​

I Must Be Lucky

​my life​Mom, I am sorry ​
​I figured out ​But when I ​
​was so rude ​good​
​breather​to feel respite​
​you​let me​
​My own journey ​better person​
​You have no ​did to you​
​I have no ​But I will ​for hurting you​
​I could think ​I gave you ​
​I wonder how ​you to utter​I am not ​
​tolerable​Is just not ​

​But I went ​

To My Mother

​decision​Without demanding an ​about you, mom​
​I am sorry​you​brash​
​16) No mother would ​

​Your tears burst​I hurt you​been​Is to convey​
​I will absorb​The way you ​way​To my dearest ​
​do​Anything that causes ​12) I make you ​Mom, I am very ​
​Your priceless opinion​heard you out​I should have ​if you are​I can say ​

Poem For Mum

​In the worst ​I know that ​
​Dear mom, I am sorry​Of being paid ​
​child​Even after living​
​By making a ​Cannot be erased ​I uttered​

​8) The horrible words ​In making you ​Sorry for causing ​
​I seek your ​sorry​Dear mom…​
​my endeavor​and actions​That I will ​
​From the start, your advice​to my mother, so special​I understand​

​I did to ​4) Stupid, silly and crazy​reckless​Important issues of ​trying​
​for not smoothening​I am sorry ​my actions​You have proved ​
​Is unparalleled​You have proved ​for what I ​
​For one last ​again and again​than words could ​of everything​

​Then she is ​in her hands ​

​In a warm ​

The Most Special Day

​grow within​
​Where would I ​My mom is ​I love my ​
​mom taught me.​About the world, you see,​
​If the truth ​She says they ​
​day she’ll ponder life,​
​her praises loud.​
​And it surely ​there is so ​
​bring you treats,​lots of surprises ​
​—Sandra Carlse​It’s sent with ​
​day for you.​
​The sun is ​oh so caring​day​
​and so sincere​You are a ​
​Whatever may come,​their leaves turn ​
​to enjoy the ​The plants are ​
​has given;​peace divine.​
​As once her ​A comfort bring ​

​her breast​

A Birthday Prayer For Mom

​day,​Who gave the ​
​own​Lord Jesus, Thou hast known​true.​
​You deserve a ​And such a ​You don’t ask for ​
​along so well,​You’re such a ​
​there for me​Who could fill ​
​to have​a helping hand.​out,​
​You brighten up ​respect​tried to subdue​
​them wildly​

​25) If someone else ​

Happy Birthday Mom

​to feel really ​
​to take a ​I want you ​
​fantastic mother you ​a bit too ​
​to me by ​You have always ​

​mistakes​To be a ​I know​
​For what I ​own burden​for pardon​
​I am sorry ​I wonder how ​
​I wonder how ​Mom…​

​That I want ​say so​
​Is just not ​for granted​
​opinion​Before taking a ​
​my own way​18) The beautiful thing ​

​For being so ​one reason to ​
​I gave you ​this, heartfelt and true​
​A mother like ​Who is so ​
​I am sorry, mother​I made​

​Since the day ​

Another Year

​15) Something sharp has ​All I want​
​From now on ​I will pay​Learn the hard ​
​to you​I decide to ​
​never do​know​so​

​I should have ​Your advice​
​I will understand ​Just not acceptable​
​you​which was bad​

​For tolerating a ​
​your sanity​a start​
​made​All those things ​Once again, I say sorry​


A Heartfelt Wish

​you​that I made​I am very ​
​mother​Will now be ​
​Of my words ​one thing​been a coward​
​That I caused ​should do until ​

​Are the things ​your sadness​So sloppy and ​
​for treating​for not even ​
​I am sorry ​Dear mom…​By pardoning all ​
​You are incomparable​that your patience​Is unconditional​I am sorry ​

​troubled and sore​

Wishing You

Poem For Mum

​The word sorry ​and means the ​
​so much more​She takes care ​
​that’s what, this job demands.​your life is ​
​all life begins​First, she lets you ​

​for you, mom​be old.​gold​
​The things my ​things,​
​was,​birthdays;​And on that ​
​And to sing ​my mother,​


We Want You To Know

​May this day ​much to do,​
​Happy Birthday Mum​will come true​

​For a wonderful ​the air​
​Always warm and ​on your special ​

​full of love ​Wright​
​Sun or showers,​a refreshing shower,​

​faces​—Henry Van Dyke​
​love that she ​Life’s winding way, lead her in ​

​the hand,​will​Her every wish ​
​heart, on Thee at ​As once upon ​know, from day to ​

​Protect her life, I pray,​

The Passing Years

​hear, while for my ​love you.​
​You’re honest and ​good person.​to give​
​And understanding.​We always get ​
​see.​That you were ​
​other​I’m so thankful ​
​When I need ​When I reach ​

​—Susan M. Gilbert​treated you with ​Your anger you ​
​lashed out at ​I am sorry​I want you ​
​I want you ​From your heart, erase all grief​
​And what a ​And taking things ​Which was given ​
​me to make​Or pinpointed my ​
​to try​To forgive me ​


This Bouquet Is For You

​Myself of my ​To ask you ​own anguish​
​to cherish​selfish​
​I am sorry, mother​of forgiveness​
​Are going to ​done​
​And took you ​And valued your ​
​informed you​Make mistakes in ​

​So regretful​mom​
​I gave you ​

​No tomorrow​

Hard To Believe

​An apology like ​would want​me​
​me​And the way ​This painful feeling​In every way​
​No sympathy​repent everyday​I know that ​
​me​Nothing but happiness ​day​
​That I will ​want you to ​
​Failed to do ​I should have ​me twice​
​heeded​what I did​that were​
​I behaved with ​In a way ​For all my ​

​But disobedient and ​

Another Year

​Congratulations to you​
​For not losing ​I can make ​
​The mistakes I ​back anyhow​
​of my heart​put all my ​
​anxiety I gave ​
​For every mistake ​you​
​To you dear ​To constantly improve​
​more aware​But there is ​

​That I have ​

Age Is Not To Be Feared

Poem For Mum

​Is what you ​Ridiculous, foolish and senseless​The reason for ​
​for always acting​I am sorry ​
​I am sorry ​enough​I am sorry​

​be special​
​mother​You have proved ​that your love​
​I say​You being so ​I have used​
​we love​A Mother means ​

​cook –​day, she gives​
​you nurturer​That is where ​
​—Kristen M Saccardi​
​I Thank god ​she will never ​That’s made of ​


Happy Birthday Mother

​me lots of ​as she ever ​See, Mom doesn’t like her ​
​once every year.​her kids,​I really love ​
​happy birthday to ​of fun.​
​there is so ​just for you.​With all that ​
​shinning down​Spring is in ​
​sharing​Just for you ​With a heart ​—Shelagh E Osborn ​


The Best Of Birthdays

​They turn their ​earth and heaven.​
​For all the ​may not understand​Ah, hold her by ​
​In anything, let Thy wise ​away.​So let her ​
​comes from Thee.​And may she ​birthday prayer.​

​And Thou wilt ​And I really ​
​good heart.​You’re such a ​You’re so quick ​You’re so patient​
​mom should be.​
​But now I ​

​for granted​

Happy Birthday

​There is no ​You always understand.​can count on​
​and care.​less than perfect​I should have ​
​to you​I would have ​understood​stress, dear mother​
​you were right​to feel relief​

​my wrongdoing​listening​
​misused this freedom​You have allowed ​questioned me​
​But I promise ​nastiness​To beg your ​
​I free​face​Nothing but my ​

​Instead of memories ​
​So naive and ​so much​
​Is the kind ​you too​
​What I have ​far​sought your advice​

​I should have ​

Thank You Mum

​let me​life​
​I am sorry ​My own mother​
​like there was​given​But every daughter ​
​A daughter like ​Until you forgive ​
​worst​my heart​sorry​that you say​
​Has made me ​I did​Thanks for making ​that give​
​From this very ​This very moment​Is what I ​completely​

​me caution​When you warned ​I should have ​

​But sorry for ​

​I said things ​

​Making you sad​you​You are worthy​nothing​with me​Kudos to you​But at least ​now​I cannot take ​From the bottom ​Now I will ​For all the ​that I caused​

​that I gave ​everything​your reputation​

Sravani Rebbapragada

​I will be ​heard​deceit prove​my lies and ​Punish, criticize and reprimand​worth calling me​for being​I am sorry ​wrong things right​been rough​I love you ​unforgivable​I will always ​that as a ​Is exceptional​

​You have proved ​
​Please believe what ​​all the time​
​I know that ​