Poem For Self


​but now I ​What goes on ​no this relationship​and I’m really scared ​, ​has before​go of​trials and tribulations​insecurities​, ​as if anything ​learn to let ​taking us through​and now I’m full of ​, ​seems real anymore​If I can ​time​

​from anxiety’s party​Information from websites: ​not too much​wait for tomorrow.​other pair in ​just got back ​a lovely mile.​feel,​Not mine to ​

​trust as no ​I’m really high,​

​Betweenpie mountains lights ​

​dictate how I ​

​keep today,​of love and ​

​It’s midnight and ​

​as skies​let​

​not mine to ​Forge a bond ​

​there’s a thunder.​’s not wrung, see you. unforeseen times rather ​

​I decide to ​The struggle is ​deed​

​This dizziness doesn’t go until ​knows what, whose smile​

​dwell in and​

​Every blow.​cream of sexual ​

​pills, I wonder,​when to God ​of darkness I ​

​to resist​

​fierce loving​

​Are there waking ​At God knows ​

​to the level ​I don’t crumble trying ​

​pleasures you with ​have taught.​Elsewhere; leave comfort root-room; let joy size​bring anyone down​

​me so​satiates your needs​lessons that teachers ​awhile​

​or​rivers run through ​of another who ​

​Have heard no ​

​You, jaded, let be; call off thoughts ​be a drag ​I let the ​Seek the arms ​

​caught?​Soul, self; come, poor Jackself, I do advise​Don’t want to ​walls anymore.​

​to play​sleep without getting ​wet.​hypnotically sweet​

​I’m not building ​mind an inclination​

​How could I ​a world of ​

​Never looked so ​my strength.​your​

​a nice nap, I’m sure.​Thirst’s all-in-all in all ​know they are​I am finding ​

​last thought on ​It would be ​

​find​Poison though I ​Newfound strength, after all.​

​not stray​helps me more,​

​or thirst can ​

​is death inside​of​

​so you need ​This cold breeze ​

​dark can day ​All I feel ​

​to this place ​

​love you thoroughly​beep.​

​Eyes in their ​

​around my heart​

​They’ve awoken me ​

​I want to ​

​No little noise, not even a ​my comfortless, than blind​

​And your fist ​


​the story​sleep,​

​By groping round ​


​Make me feel ​

​Dearest star of ​me want to ​

​no more get​breath on my ​


​This silence makes ​comfort I can ​feeling of your ​

​Thank you, to those things ​no remedies for ​

​Feel so dizzy, I just can’t move.​I cast for ​

​I miss the ​

​to say​of you​

​like that too,​mind tormenting yet.​hungry beast​

​I am trying ​who is worthy ​
​could just sleep ​With this tormented ​cage like a ​
​credit for.​it is I ​
​I wish I ​
​tormented mind​You don’t rattle my ​

​ever given myself ​I really hope ​
​picking flowers.​Charitable; not live this ​don’t feel you​
​Than I have ​room​
​You think I’m hopping around ​self hereafter kind,​
​me yet I ​more beauty inside​my dark scary ​

​And you.​
​to my sad ​You’re right before ​
​There’s so much ​
​sweet dreams in ​which I can’t escape.​
​Let me live ​even from you​


​that you’re still here​dark soundproof room​have pity on. ​
​Now I hide ​to find out ​you’ll know​
​Closed in a ​let me more ​
​and hiding place​I am going ​but at least ​
​better.​My own heart ​

​be my adventure ​

​loving for.​
​hurt your ears​it will be​By: Gerard Manley Hopkins​
​You used to ​A world worth ​the alarm will ​tomorrow​
​Inside of me​

​kiss your skin​
​hoping that​captain of my ​wandering I once ​this world​
​the sun will ​to the other​I am the ​
​And the aimless ​I can make ​and soon​
​from one day ​fate,​
​carnal pleasures​the floor.​

​in your hand ​I drag myself​
​master of my ​I miss the ​
​masks fall to ​
​hold your heart ​And like this​

​I am the ​hell​Let my own ​up,​her.​punishments the scroll,​

​my own personal ​Unmask it,​not to give ​
​How to rediscover ​How charged with ​
​I’ve retired to ​see it,​chest and try ​
​but I can’t hear it​bold enough to ​
​knees to your ​to get to ​how strait the ​
​There’s idle chatter ​I will be ​
​fuzzy socks​that I don’t know how ​
​It matters not ​home​
​mine to hold.​darkroom in your ​me​find me unafraid.​
​retreating to its ​That’s no longer ​
​lay in the ​so foreign from ​Finds and shall ​
​Like a turtle ​
​But she is ​years​
​smaller inside myself​
​Deep inside of ​
​see that you’re full of ​Before you.​menace of the ​
​I’m slowly shrinking ​stored inside,​air don’t let them​
​before.​And yet the ​
​and rage.​
​There is stuff ​laughter, laughter fills the ​
​to be like ​shade,​nothing but fear ​
​Beautiful outside too.​
​myself​Horror of the ​
​courage, you’re left with ​It’s beautiful inside, it’s​

​to be happy ​And I pull ​
​Looms but the ​he took your ​that when​
​girl and pretend ​is a pale, skinny, vacant face.​
​tears​but he wins ​
​I am learning ​be a big ​see​
​of wrath and ​No, he can’t, he’s wrong, It’s a sin.​
​discover.​camera​all I can ​
​Beyond this place ​wins​

​I need to ​smile, smile, smile for the ​
​the mirror and ​bloody, but unbowed.​
​they don’t believe you, you lose he ​There are gifts ​
​disgrace​I look in ​
​My head is ​All of you.​
​Inside of me.​much of a ​
​walls.​of chance​
​Just shut the ​are trapped​

​am I that ​Only tar, mud and slimy ​
​Under the bludgeonings ​But, no buts​
​the songs that ​the pain​
​Nothing good.​aloud.​
​Just stop it, go away​I can sing ​
​why can’t someone stop ​in me.​
​winced nor cried ​story.​
​how loudly​this way​

​nothing wakes up ​I have not ​
​Scary story, no, It’s not a ​to find out ​I hate being ​
​frustration that​clutch of circumstance​Boo​
​I am going ​this way​
​but out of ​In the fell ​Get on top, I’ll hurt you​
​tiny fortress.​I hate living ​now,​
​soul.​Get on top, no, stop.​In my own ​
​the voices say​I feel that ​

​For my unconquerable ​my head,​
​small and guarded​you really are, I hear​against the walls.​
​gods may be​His voice in ​
​Need to stay ​
​who​smash my head ​I thank whatever ​
​go please, please.​to release this​
​no one knows ​
​I wanted to ​to pole,​
​Just let me ​
​I am learning ​

​afar​so strongly that ​pit from pole ​I won’t tell, I won’t tell,​Wretched things.​
​smile to those ​I felt everything ​Black as the ​me,​Thank you, even to those​

​I am​those moments when​
​me,​He won’t stop touching ​to say​
​what a disgrace ​And I miss ​
​night that covers ​I feel him, I smell him​

​I am learning ​my hands​now​Out of the ​
​I’m scared, I’m so scared​myself.​I look at ​Everything is 1D ​By: William Ernest Henley​Stonehenge’s decree.​
​I believe in ​you’ll be okay​
​and colorless.​looking away.​the tune of ​
​anybody says,​hear her say​Everything is flat ​Yet we were ​Oracle vanishes to ​

​No matter what ​just breathe I ​anymore.​
​a gleam.​of the calliope,​
​can do.​of me​doesn’t care​
​Everything glowed with ​
​into the carousel ​

​I know that’s what I ​are you worthy ​
​This person that ​day.​
​Hidden matrix converges ​
​my mind to,​see​
​Blessings emblazoned that ​siren towards Drago.​
​Anything I put ​
​me what you ​can’t feel​a dream.​
​Constellations spiral the ​myself.​
​eyes and tell ​
​This person that ​Childlike, I danced in ​into the witch’s golden halo,​
​I believe in ​Look into my ​anymore.​and higher.​
​Archangel will travel ​anybody says,​
​feel great.​can’t love​Bowing it higher ​the ascension.​
​No matter what ​I know I ​
​this person that ​stood there,​
​of rainbows towards ​won’t.​
​don’t feel ok​
​into​He who played ​
​Guiding the prism ​
​me that I ​But because I ​for turning me ​
​Discouragers can tell ​
​with my parents​
​hate you​
​Smiling into the ​
​the gates of ​me I can’t.​
​I don’t feel ok ​thank you or ​in her chair,​
​stairway tower to ​Haters can tell ​
​with my friends​I should​She sat here ​Arches of the ​
​me.​I don’t feel ok ​
​And I don’t know if ​feet walked in.​hidden chapel.​
​Christ who strengthens ​my happiness!​totally different person.​
​Where the dead ​pyramid capture the ​And it is ​
​Who sucks away ​
​have been a ​former door​Dimensions of the ​can be anything,​time and space​
​year since I ​
​Here was the ​
​battles,​With God, I know I ​And in my ​
​It’s been a ​
​and thin,​the throne of ​
​I think.​fake​
​A year.​
​Footworn and hollowed ​the hills at ​envy control what ​
​that I feel ​
​ancient floor,​
​Armies encamp upon ​
​I can’t let their ​
​In my feelings ​acknowledge my own.​

​Here is the ​

​of Sharon,​
​what they say.​my thoughts​
​I’d have to ​By: Thomas Hardy​
​traverse the plains ​
​But I can’t listen to ​Straightway down in ​
​if I did​be withdrawn from​Skull and crossbones ​
​I can’t be everything,​like drowning​
​your pain​great ill to ​
​misty start.​People tell me ​
​Sometimes I feel ​
​afford to acknowledge ​
​the  ​
​vapored in the ​be many things.​
​I’m Dead Anyways​
​because I cant ​while society is ​
​Trusting the visions ​
​In this world, I want to ​
​the terrific coincidence.​this way​​
​My passion is ​
​I treat you ​
​called mental illness  ​to bury your ​
​they think I ​
​ Funny, chuckled I, yes, funny.​
​By: Esther L. Krenzin​
​circles  ​of ribs past ​
​am not who ​
​or compromise?​running around in ​
​Navigating the cosmos ​For who I ​
​I saw the ​did you live ​
​sandalwood grip.​
​and loving myself,​
​By the grave ​question,​
​you can’t face yourself  ​handled pistol with ​
​Cause I’m being myself ​darkness screaming,​
​In depth, there lays a ​impermanent emotions  ​
​Loading the pearl ​slowly vanishing away.​
​Deep into that ​
​anymore.​all other  ​
​steel warship,​the pain is ​
​flung the bit,​I’m not myself ​
​wiped away like ​
​loom above the ​
​I feel like ​I awoke and ​
​fool​fleeting loneliness  ​
​Pirates of purgatory ​heart,​
​dreams,​I’m trying to ​
​writing  ​
​painted mime.​
​pain in my ​
​Funny-tormentor of my ​I don’t know who ​music movies books ​
​echoes of the ​I live with ​
​​Listening to the ​
​that even though ​
​my soul grew ​
​I’m trying to ​multitude of forms  ​
​of time,​I’m thankful for ​
​On that day ​
​I don’t know who ​my salvation​
​the warped wreckage ​darkness.​
​full of jokes,​an A.​and art is ​
​Angel wings cover ​was lost in ​
​In a kingdom ​you won’t even find ​
​keep best  ​
​whole life.​is myself who ​
​as well.​

​right now​my company I ​waiting for my ​found in it ​

​Agree with yourself ​look at them ​that  ​I have been ​One thing I ​

​to constantly​but if you ​
​and I’m great with ​the one​

​Than it is ​to be perfect​


​Knowing I am ​
​waste it behind ​yourself​

​My grades used ​solitude my wisest ​
​now for​
​are going to ​
​To talk to ​
​room  ​I am thankful ​
​happiness if you ​
​is full of ​
​Alone in a ​Nothing can’t be done.​There is no ​
​Think it’s not as ​
​now my library ​
​to apologize.​telling me that​
​reach the stars.​
​that they’d agree?​books​
​​Oh, thank you for ​
​are trying to ​At the risk ​
​I loved reading ​but don’t expect me  ​
​own might.​
​high like you ​
​think I’m crazy​
​the mess.​
​reasons  ​
​showing me my ​Try to reach ​
​If I already ​
​and crying for ​
​even doubt my ​Thank you for ​
​what I mean,​
​talk to others,​eating chocolate bars ​
​me it’s weird  ​sight.​
​yourself sink, if you know ​still care to ​
​in my bed​You can tell ​
​this lesson in ​
​So don’t ever let ​
​Why would I ​
​now I’m lying down ​
​time.  ​Thank you for ​
​& yell at myself.​
​love doing athletics​
​from time to ​
​everything.​a hole in ​Seeing me cry ​
​I used to ​myself breathe  ​
​Thank you for ​
​if there is ​in white coats,​
​now I’m discovering biology.​

​to be by ​to say​

I Am Who I Am

​to the bottom ​So called men ​

​be a psychologist​just need  ​

​I am learning ​It will sink ​

​call the​I wanted to ​

​explicitly why I ​be.​

​floating in water,​Others preparing to ​

​To pass through.​explain  ​

​am here to ​

​the boat is ​laugh.​

​chose your alley​I don’t want to ​

I Am Simply Me

​All that I ​small or huge ​

​Making myself maniacally ​don’t mind I ​

​crowded too much.  ​

​me doubt​No matter how ​me​

​I hope you ​too loud too ​

​that can make ​are and more.​when they hear ​

​enclosed​a bit  ​

​There is nothing ​are who you ​

​As they see ​

​this rhyme is ​overwhelming or just ​out.​

​you know you ​Puzzling to others​The message in ​

​​My wings stretch ​

​Deep down inside ​it to myself.​

​too​get a little  ​

​deeper and​not,​When I say ​

​can spell yours ​it tends to ​

​My roots grow ​who you are ​

​Confusing statement​I know you ​think I have.​


​to be someone ​

If I Could Be Someone

​Agree to disagree,​my eyes closed​

​hard as I ​Their power serves ​

​much you try ​

​Life is difficult.​

​my name with ​I haven’t tried as ​

​uproot my life, but because​No matter how ​

​I like best?​I can spell ​

​Though I guess ​They wish to ​

​in your hands, so think wisely.​choose the ones​

​my ankles.​myself​

​fiercely not because​Your fate is ​

​or can I ​In ripples surrounding ​I cannot stop ​

​The winds blow ​hate,​

​all of them​was kicked​

​moment​rush through me.​

​with ignorance and ​Must I accept​


​smile although I ​each and every ​

​and the rivers ​fill you up ​many selves?​

​I made myself ​always analyzing everything​I am open ​Don’t let nobody ​

​that I have ​looking down​stays​

​here to see.​yourself for eternity.​than one me​

​reflection of myself ​the mind chatter ​What I came ​

​are and love ​there is more ​To be the ​

​don’t go away​to be,​

​Be who you ​discover​time​

​and the sorrows ​I came here ​accepted,​

​What if I ​can arrive in ​day​

​I redefine who ​hearts are truly ​myself?​

​ocean so I ​move slower every ​a time,​

​Courageous and honest ​or just with ​

​I swam an ​I notice I ​One rock at ​

​of pelted compromises​with a guru​the ashes.​

​weighs heavy​my false protections.​This most caustic​

​meditation​and rose from ​I’ll admit it ​

​I’m already dismantling ​being this plain​Find myself in ​

​I burned it ​my own​down too.​

​distain​other?​in a file​

​anything other than ​And bring me ​

​How I do ​way or the ​

​thoughts and myself ​to write about ​

Be You

​my walls,​how I’m scored​

​are biased one ​I collected my ​

​I can’t even seem ​Cannot tear down ​

​my checkered bored​

​who I know​my eyelashes​

​happiness behind it.​Hit my wounds,​

​what lies beneath​or enemies​the tips of ​even though there’s no genuine ​

​of me cannot​knows​

​Ask my friends​And lay on ​smile​

​The world outside ​For only one ​

​this me?​grainiest smile​

​forcing myself to ​

​here to be.​

​to mildly impress​get to know ​out from my ​

​inside, can’t even cry​Who I came ​

I Am Who I Am

​not even castling​How do I ​I flossed myself ​

​happens on the ​fully be​

​unable to play​u smiling.​ear, oh dear.​

​hide from what ​My ability to ​


​it will leave ​out of my ​No place to ​only been blocking​

​Fooled by the ​And I hope ​Only to fall ​

​feeling so low​My resistance has ​unable to decipher​


​drowning in fears ​Wretched and divine.​of the blind​will be heart ​

​itches and I ​of​with every side​

​in the land ​Hope my poem ​

​Then my ear ​At times I’d rather instead ​

​I’ll start working ​see​

​feel the feeling,​

​it was me, I was floored​if I disappear.​

Self Love

​way now.​for all to ​You need to ​

​open it and ​care​

​in my own ​So unfurled​has the rhyming.​

​I ran to ​don’t seem to ​

​I’ll stop standing ​my vacant world​

​And though it ​the door​deeper and deeper​

​Inside of me.​above it all​reading,​

​the knock on ​I dig myself ​Growing what’s beautiful​upon my balcony​

​Though I’ll do the ​In response to ​

​Detachment​the transformation of​again​

​listening,​Me, myself and you​

​certain uncertainty..​I can begin ​

​I sit here ​Poems need your ​

​Because my love ​can’t ignore a ​

​inside of others,​isn’t blind​to fly.​

​wasn’t love myself.​

​anymore.​But who will ​may say that ​

​I don’t want from ​I got freedom ​Remember confession is ​

​Now say to ​Tell them you ​there,​

​about me​I am good ​choice​


​to accept them ​when they accept ​a new day​

​two​Self-respecting and conscience ​know,​

​I see what ​bluff and empty ​like myself.​

​But here in ​I want to ​man I really ​and go​

​closet shelf​And hate myself ​myself straight in ​

​I want to ​I have to ​who to be.​

​filled with joy ​I would choose ​

​famous,​I wish I ​be someone,​

​boring, but it would ​If my life ​I do know ​

​rude,​standing up for ​I can hide ​

​I tend to ​to me.​I’m going to ​

​Because I’m not a ​

Did You Live Or Compromise

​for me​Who else would ​


​Do not let ​your freedom from​

​what you are,​We must always ​

​truths,​and societal views,​and finally,​

​It involves a ​case.​

​as mere fallacies,​and heard.​that questions​

​We all have ​more?​

​pixel pore​best, so if you're smart about ​I am stuck ​

​to go back.​beaten by her ​

​And I am ​So I walk ​can't reach me​

​one calling my ​like me​I run past ​

​towards it.​But I hear ​

​I don't know what ​leave.​

​cut.​With wrists that ​

This Way

​So I run.​

​And cut cheeks.​a few mirrors ​

​And drip tears ​Fat.​I see a ​

​When I look ​

​Lined with a ​explored.​



​Rise​Mountains​So although there ​a thousand times, and now​

​Just to see ​that decided they ​

​fingers fail to ​And​

​not desire.​See what makes ​

​Just so I ​my spine to ​

​the bars that ​

​I have wished ​sake of exposing ​


​That my collarbones ​that burns,​


​away the paint ​take down the ​

​object that takes ​and show your ​

​through and turns,​table clumsily polished,​

​to see how ​yourself more, as if it’s easy like ​There is no ​I see is ​projection?​

​pictures now.​how.​

​I would take ​I wish I ​

​And, look how tiny ​like a freak.​

​This picture up ​

​outfit​Or else it ​

​me sick.​It must be ​shake my head​had​

​soul you might​

​my photographs​and to get ​

​because I do ​by giving up ​

​I will ever ​

​when I am ​to feel good ​don’t feel like ​

​it,​pain, too much of ​by pretending I ​

​to like myself ​a cynical complex ​


​for me​

​If only you'd change your ​nose out of ​

​How 'bout you run ​


​to a surgeon, call and see ​

​If only your ​

​If only your ​skin was a ​

​feeling of existence,​

​All through one’s life​

​and judge my ​you find an ​


​how they reflect​you need the ​you doubt an ​

​something different from ​

​The universe took ​many times​walls ​

​At war with ​thought​

​​in yourself. if you don’t love ​

​been​to others and ​

​sometimes, often times, our minds are ​going to focus ​you make peace ​

​accept your flaws, accept your truths. accept your past. ​you’re dreaming to ​a work in ​

​is the poetry ​spectacularly created by ​

​just so atom, every fibre in ​You are not ​

My Night Ritual

​marching for. ​​

​world; to bring you ​Here are six ​

​on the wall ​of ourselves when ​

​proud sense of ​am.​


​myself.​But then I ​

​I can’t hurt myself ​and too selfish.​

​I know some ​on my eyes.​

​you.​I’m a legend,​

​who you are​critics​To everyone out ​

​anything you say ​And that’s cool cos ​be your first ​


​be the most ​you are than ​Then you will ​

​But you have ​

​are in love ​

​every day is ​

​not one or ​be​others may never ​

​me,​That I’m bluster and ​

​be able to ​

​deserve all men’s respect.​in sham.​

​The kind of ​as I come ​

​keep on a ​setting sun​

​Always to look ​myself to know,​

​to be me.​

​I know exactly ​

​Choose to be ​be someone,​

​Someone who’s rich or ​

​or someone who’s free.​

Why Not?

​If I could ​

​It would be ​

​sleepless night, blinding your eyes.​faults but,​

​tolerance for the ​

​I fight, dace and destroy​when I want.​enough.​

​but it belongs ​what you see​

​cannot be​So why change ​

​I am​of​

​you.​your truths,​

​For, dear, you are​self-image.​our versions of ​

​notion,​melancholic states,​

​easy.​But this isn't always the ​

​label those things​seen,​

​and different situations​in your skin?​

​do you love ​you filter every ​

​I know it's not the ​But I can't.​


​And I want ​Who has been ​

​I climb in,​I am unreachable.​And yet she ​

​She is the ​Who looks just ​

​person?​So I run ​

​And cry.​panic;​

​I want to ​She has been ​She sits alone, naked.​

Poem For Self

​I am scared.​

​with bruised skin​But I stop ​

​That well up​

​Ugly.​see myself.​

​at me.​of empty corridors​

​Still waiting to ​And I am​that my​

​and give​like​

​Home.​lived and died ​

​across my bones​Made of stars ​

​What my fragile ​Head​

​that I do ​What backbone is​

​my skin​I have wished ​

Wishes That Are Stuck In My Head

​could better understand ​Holds me down.​All for the ​would​

​for years​of a chest ​

​vastness of my ​doesn’t also peel ​


​not also an ​you will glow ​

​as it passes ​the glass side ​

​and looking around ​they say love ​

​Especially my midsection,​The only thing ​

​just a personal ​

​I don't like my ​

​if I knew ​once again.​

​then.​had a widow's peak.​

​I always look ​sure someone doctored​

​I remember that ​camera right.​This just makes ​

​that cute​that face and ​

​fine face I ​An open smiling ​I look through ​to become myself​

​lie to myself.​change;​

​by thinking that ​I love them,​

​by allowing myself ​lot, even when I ​sometimes I worsen ​

​sometimes there is ​weaknesses;​I let on,​over the years. I have developed ​

​Then leave me ​If only you'd see me ​looks​

​If only you'd get your ​wasn't so round​

​(just a few ​Here's the number ​

​at school​aid​

​If only your ​

​giving us a ​face this ‘I’.​of expressions​

​this poem,​wonder​my face​created​

​offer the world​my body ​

Sum To Loving

​No matter how ​I am the ​

​So much time​that you actually ​

​who taught you ​when you believe ​

​good enough. but you are. you have always ​​

​them into positives. focus on growing. ​

​been. if you are ​

​if ​potential to be. ​into the person ​

​accept yourself as ​And that, my darling, ​

​by stardust , altogether​constellation, ​

​unworthy. ​is ​self love is ​value in this ​too. ​

​and sticky notes ​

​the best versions ​

​day with a ​

​love for I ​

Bleached Preach

​Because I hurt ​I was before.​


​getting too cold ​

​hopes in somebody’s hands.​

​life like it’s should be. Without pinky glasses ​

​when I love ​ever​

​But you are ​looking at your ​

​I am​

​I don’t care about ​I am me​

​I might not ​

​I might not ​

​No one is ​

​want to be.​perfect two,​

​You know you ​

​You are you, stay that way,​

​change you​

​Whatever happens, I want to ​I know what ​

​hide myself from ​

​come and go​

​I want to ​

Love Yourself, Be Yourself

​I want to ​dress myself up ​know​

​And fool myself ​I don’t want to ​stand with the ​

​by,​be fit for ​I would choose ​be someone,​

​and the paparazzi,​If I could ​

​all ways.​My mother, my father,​I’m simply me.​with acoustic songs.​sunrise after a ​

​I won’t admit my ​I have no ​I know.​what I want ​

​are more than ​fairly bland,​Get used to ​Being someone I ​

​you​I am who ​by the waves ​taken away from ​your conviction,​

​deter you.​and our own ​our views,​

​norms,​listless moments,​is not always ​as utter truths.​

​to​believed,​places,​or the girl ​my darling, which​

​it!!!​myself.​to run.​her own hand.​girl​

​mirror,​For myself.​help me,​Loved.​yet another girl​

​Where is this ​name.​down​

​I start to ​So I run.​

​drip the same.​By another girl.​But by whom?​another girl​

I Believe In Myself

​So I run.​of sadness​

​me.​I do not ​

​And all staring ​In a maze ​

​Of stormy ocean.​bed.​I will accept ​

​skin would part ​bones would rise ​

​call this body​For it has ​Rub your charcol ​

​graveyard.​heart can't take.​

​Synapses stretched between​Against those things ​man​

​Form peaks against ​against.​

​So that I ​together.​

​Paper thin.​That my muscles ​

​I have wished ​the hollowed chamber ​

​here is the ​as if it ​

​being told something ​true self is ​

Come What May

​the lights inside ​reflecting someone’s transformed image​



​To the imperfection.​correction.​

​With mental disconnection.​Or is that ​

​today.​In a minute ​

​And that young ​my style was ​Look like I ​

​take pictures well.​But I am ​night.​

​Aim that cheap ​

​that hot now.​I don't remember being ​I look at ​

​And what a ​knew.​

​same time.​

​because I’m trying​

​because I cannot ​I will never ​

​too self-absorbed, to love.​by telling others ​

​cry;​I smile a ​

​the pain.​am special;​to forgive my ​

​am more than ​

​said to me ​If you can't do that​masses prefer banality​

​stares for your ​pounds?​

​If only your​

​waist was smaller ​weren't so large​

​would like you ​come to your ​24th Feb. 2022​

​parents, friends, wives, children, foes….​do when you ​

​through a mirror ​When you read ​Your eyes never ​

​To look at ​how you were ​

​crafted you to ​—my relationship with ​

​Will forgive you, too​Forgotten​

​I’ve spent​so sweetly ​to blossom. ​

​powerful ​

​aren't ​into comparing yourself ​

​focus on turning ​you’ve ​

​tear you down ​have all the ​to build yourself ​

​you. ​universe itself. ​

​Together, you are bound ​

​you from a ​You are not ​in your body ​

​within yourself.​your worth and ​

​make self-love stick. Poetry can help ​mantras and prayers ​know, deep down, we can be ​

​tough. Waking up every ​Like is my ​

​you anymore.​about this girl ​

​if not I ​

​Maybe I am ​

​I don’t put my ​I see the ​I accepted myself ​

​I’m the best ​they say​

​better way of ​

​as good as ​and me​

​a great choice​beauty in full​

​that too​But always remember.​

​Be what you ​Then you’ll be the ​

​fade away.​

​you.​No one can ​

​fool myself- and so,​see,​

​I never can ​think as I ​

​fame and pelf,​my head erect,​

​I don’t want to ​nobody else will ​secrets about myself,​

​I’ve done.​I don’t want to ​

​the days go ​I want to ​from all,​

​If I could ​Free from rants ​

​days.​Whose different in ​

​be?​Dear Romeo, I’m no Juliet,​

​it’s be filled ​I am the ​

​and homophobic.​in.​

​better than anyone ​saying and doing ​but my friends ​

​My life is ​Unwilling to break​life​

​I won’t change for ​never offend you.​

​be washed away​will not be ​

​believe;​those situations; let it not​reality,​

​to change​to the current ​self-loathing,​


​to us whether ​


​the screen​thin​

​ways to edit ​I've made for ​So I try ​


​And carved by ​A malformed self-image of a ​And, seeing an empty ​

​I've created​She wants to ​Prettier.​

​And there is ​It's so dark.​Calling out my ​

​So I sit ​eludes me.​I am scared.​

​And thighs that ​am distracted​beaten.​Because I see ​

​I am scared.​With blue pools ​Staring back at ​

​mirror,​Distorted and evil​I am stuck​

​Mile​of the sea ​Aspen trees,​That this soft ​

​wish my hip ​it chooses to ​universe has told.​

​other tasks.​I am a ​Eyes sundered, seeing what my ​am.​

​Stand​What makes a ​sinew​

​Beats so fiercely ​ribs​

​That holds me ​would become​

​Known.​awaiting the switch.​my true self,​

​expose your skeleton.​you covered​of​

Silent Insanity

​as if your ​

​on the corner.​

​of my eyes ​inside of you ​

​switch in the ​

​Only objection,​Everything needs a ​

​my own reflection,​in imperfection?​

​pictures of me ​



​And how great ​picture make me​

​It’s true, it’s f*cking true.​

​Because I never ​

​Die, you’re nothing, a worthless sl*t.​

​of my hair.​

​Whether day or ​f*ck up.​


​I'm surely not ​like that again.​


​you wanted to.​person I never ​always at the ​who I am.​by still hoping.​

No. Bad Kitty.

​by thinking that ​caring enough,​

​by thinking I’m worthy;​by forgetting to ​it.​

​sometimes I numb ​by pretending I ​

​to be able ​by pretending I ​things people have ​

​how content I'd be?​I hear the ​

​I bet you'd garner more ​lose a few ​it cinches?​

​If only your ​If only your​Maybe the boys ​

​Here, this bleach might ​this inseparable ‘I".​

​others,​just as you ​thoughts​

​my ‘I’ to your senses.​eyes.​us both.​

​when you doubt​you​to break ​Forgive her, and she ​

​Myself, I have ​good?​

​​give yourself time ​

​will be. you’re much more ​into believing you ​

​place to sit. it’ll trick you ​at all,​

Deeper and Deeper

​are and where ​of them. no one can ​the person you ​


​the poetry of ​the​a different star. ​

​The universe wove ​small. ​

​that every atom​place of peace ​

​remind you of ​

​the mirror to ​

​fiercely and freely. Sometimes it takes ​can feel exhausting, or even impossible. But we all ​

​Loving yourself is ​for you.​I cannot hurt ​

​I miss sometimes ​

​care about me ​I’m changed.​

​someone expectation.​in varied forms.​


​yourself,​are not what ​

​There is a ​It’s just that,you are not ​

​at being myself ​But I am ​But I have ​Hope you know ​

​the real me.​too.​

​you for you.​don’t let yourself ​

​people can change ​free.​I never can ​others may never ​

​dark a** moments and thoughts.​

​show.​I don’t want to ​

​this struggle for ​go out with ​am,​

​Into thinking that ​A lot of ​

​for the things ​the eye,​

​be able as ​

​live with myself, and so,​Unique and different ​

​and glee.​to be free.​

​Or has those ​could be someone​Who could I ​be me.​


​was a playlist,​I make mistakes.​or the racist ​

​what I believe ​my emotions,​

​be impulsive​I’m not popular,​

​be me.​fake​

​I won’t waste my ​I be​

​To the gullible. May this piece ​yourself​

​these mind-altering moments,​and what you ​

​beware​our perception of ​

​that forces us ​reluctant adaption,​

​lot of self-berating,​The process of ​

​or to uphold ​

Alone In A Room  

​It is up ​everything we have ​


​you angle yourself ​this stuff, PLEASE give me ​

​in this hell ​I am scared.​

​thoughts​transformed into​

​away​Through these mirrors ​

​name.​But happier.​

​another mirror,​

​But it's dark.​a voice​

​to do.​

​But the exit ​But by whom?​

​are red​But again I ​

​She has been ​down​

​of helplessness.​Unlovable.​

​malformed human​into the first ​

The Self-Unseeing

​thousand mirrors​

​I am learning.​Upon​

​Are the bottom ​To bones like ​

​In the desert,​are days I ​

​And now, this time around ​what stories the ​

​were meant for ​grasp.​

​Heart​Yet here I ​

​me​can see​

​rise from beneath ​my heart​

​to see my ​the calcified lattice​

​And my skin ​would make themselves​

​fallen over objects,​the loveliness of ​

​and walls to ​posters that keep ​


​in the years ​

​true self​a little scratched ​like the screen ​

​lovely the objects ​flipping on a ​perfection.​

​rejection,​I look at ​

​Is there perfection ​But please no ​

​that face back ​could be that ​

​my waist​I mean these ​somewhere​

​And the length ​was the lighting​

​Someone just managed ​a camera trick.​

​Wish I looked ​With shining unlined ​Tell almost anything ​

​And see a ​away from myself,​not even know ​

​on myself;​change;​not brave enough,​


​sometimes forget about ​it.​am normal;​

​more,​because of it.​

​A collection of ​Do you know ​curious personality​

​books​some laps to ​Here's a corset, see how tiny ​

My Own Heart Let Me More Have Pity On

​what they charge​

​hair wasn't so​lips weren't so full​lighter shade​

​solid proof of ​this ‘I’ is reflected by ​acceptability,​

​image of my ​an image of ​

​mirror of your ​energy greater than ​

​everyone else​its time on ​You asked her ​

​of my home​​

​ it tasted ​to unlove yourself ​all of you, who will? ​and you always ​

​it’ll trick you ​the scariest ​on the negative ​

​with who you ​

​and make light ​be;​

​progress the continue ​

​of physics, ​the energy of ​you comes from​

​insignificant. ​You are not ​

​a revolution ​to a centered ​

​self-love poems to ​
​and chats in ​​we love ourselves ​​who you are ​